WAGS' lifestyles

There was a time when the WAG label implied cheap hair extensions, orange skin, gaudy colours, and ludicrously expensive outfits cobbled together with no space for taste and decency.

But since the debacle of Baden Baden in 2006, when no WAG could do no right, they’ve worked hard to change their image.

Yes, there are still numerous teenage girls who want to grow up and be WAGs just because their famous through someone else’s talents but many of the long standing Wives and Girlfriends of our Premier League and international footballers have carved their own success and fortunes. 

The top WAG, and showing us all how a complete style overhaul can be handled, is Coleen Rooney.  Who can forget the puffa jacket and school uniform when she was first revealed to the press.  She’s now amassed a personal fortune rumoured to be in the region of £8 million, from numerous campaign and endorsements, plus her own fashion line. 

Ok, so there may not be the time to save the World Louboutin by Louboutin by the time of the World Cup final, but there are plenty of WAG mantras you can take on in the next few weeks. 

If he wants the latest England shirt, it’s only right that you get a replica of the latest WAG necessity! 

Be it shoes, hand bag, sunglasses- all’s fair in love and shopping! 

If you’re not watching the football, those 90 minutes could be put towards pampering yourself! 

No running around after the kids, tidying up after dinner… face mask, massage, reading a magazine uninterrupted…whatever you fancy, but make it all about you!

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