All about Hamish

We asked Hamish a bunch of questions and here are his answers!


What was the last CD you bought/track you downloaded? I love the new Leona song !

Most listened to track on my iPod: A lot of MJ

Most embarrassing track on my iPod: ha ha too many to mention, but I love them all !

Who would your ideal guest be? Maxine, once a week ha ha

What's your karaoke track of choice? once did Wonderwall, never again

First album I bought: Adam and the ants Kings of the Wild frontier, a classic

Favourite gig you've ever been to? Beastie boys with Run DMC Brixton 1987

Life in Plymouth

What's your favourite Plymouth place? I love being by the sea so the whole seafront is really special to me.

Favourite drinking hole in Plymouth? My flat

Favourite place to get away from it all: I love the seaside, so any beach

Favourite thing to do in Plymouth: I'm lucky enough to say my job

Favourite place to go shopping: I'm online, I hate shopping, end of
Tell us a little known fact about this glorious city of ours: We've got the Uk's shortest Policeman.

Time to get personal

What makes you laugh? Maxine and her jokes.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given? Pretend you do a lot of work.

How would your best friend describe you in three words? Cool, sexy and fun ..ha ha

Which bit of your body do you like the least? My lack of hair

Why didn't you ask me about? My friend the Butcher Terry

What were you like at school? Bored

I'm most proud of... honestly? Being on the radio almost every day

We're buying, what will you have? I drink everything, but I'm not a massive drinker, I get tipsy very quick

Worst job I ever had: I worked as a kitchen porter after school

From my wardrobe you can have. Help yourself, lots of stuff that doesn't fit

If you're getting a takeaway I'll have: Fish and chips

Facebook is... a great distraction...

The first thing I do when I get out of the Studio is: at five past 10 most pubs are shut, so I normally have a little snooze.