All about Maxine

We asked Maxine a load of questions and here is what she said.


What was the last CD you bought/track you downloaded?  My songs compilation or Duffy

Most listened to track on my iPod:  I don't have one yet. Christmas is around the corner.

Who would your ideal guest be? Amy Winehouse

What's your karaoke track of choice?  Mustang Sally.

First album I bought:  Adam and the Ants Kings of the Wild Frontier

Favourite gig you've ever been to?  Madstock in Finsbury park

Life in Plymouth

What's your favourite Plymouth place?  Tamar river

Favourite drinking hole in Plymouth? The Royal Albert Bridge Inn

Favourite place to get away from it all:  Dartmoor

Favourite thing to do in Plymouth:  socialising with my girlfriends at their house for coffee or at the R.A.B.I

Favourite place to go shopping: The Mall

Tell us a little known fact about this glorious city of ours:  The U.S. Army embarked on their Normandy Invasion in the Second World War by marching down the very street where I live, which was then renamed Normandy Way in honour of this event.

Time to get personal

What makes you laugh? Most things

What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given? if it's for you then it won't go by you. You can't make it happen

How would your best friend describe you in three words? funny, intelligent and compassionate. By the way I asked my mate these are her words not mine.

Which bit of your body do you like the least?  legs

Why didn't you ask me about: my pets, my political views, my favorite colour. I don't know? does it matter?

What were you like at school? (A) Streamer looking the part but getting away with murder right under the teacher's noses.

I'm most proud of: honestly? My two children. honestly

We're buying, what will you have? shoes

Worst job I ever had: giving out change at an arcade on Western Approach

From my wardrobe you can have: anything to borrow, nothing to keep

If you're getting a takeaway I'll have:  a chinese and lots of it

Facebook is:  two words the should be separated by a space

The first thing I do when I get out of the Studio is:  chuckle to myself.