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Monday 15th March

Hope you had a great mother's day! This week we're all about raising as much money as possible for our Have A Heart Appeal. We're supporting the Starlight Children's Foundation who do so much for sick children. We want to raise enough for a new fun centre in the Woodcock Ward in Derriford Hospital as well as granting a local child a wish

Tomorrow morning we are giving you the chance to bid for a year's free childcare at Noah Ark Nursery in Prince Rock. You can pre-bid for it now here.

Listen tomorrow from 8am for the auction!

Friday 12th March 2010

So it took two weeks but the £1000.00 minute finally went today. It was won by Danielle who is going to book a holiday with the money. Join us on Monday when you still have a chance to win tickets to an intimate gig with Mr Robbie Williams.

Thursday 11th March 2010

So we came so close on our £1000.00 minute when Karen got nine out of ten. Can we finally give it away tomorrow. Join us tomorrow and find out. 

Wednesday 10th March 2010

So on today's show Sam got 8 out of ten on our £1000.00 minute. Also Sue told us about her surprising pregnancy news. Listen below.

Tuesday 09th March 2010

So it was a real nail biter on our £1000.00 minute when we really thought that Karen was going to take the money. She ended up getting 9 out of 10 questions right. Join us tomorrow and find out if the money will go.

Monday 08th March 2010

On today's show we gave you the run-down of the Oscar winners as well as playing with Carole on our £1000.00 minute. Unfortunately for her she didn't win but this could be fortunate for you. Listen tomorrow for your chance to win.

Friday 05th March 2010

On today's show Julie failed to win on our £1000.00 minute quiz. Join us on Monday for your chance to win big with our £1000.00 minute as well as exclusive tickets to a very intimate gig with Robbie Williams.

Thursday 04th March 2010

On today's show we helped Carol out with her dillemma. The general consensus was that she should cut her hair if she wants to and not let her husband put the kaibosh on it. Join us tomorrow for our £1000.00 minute.

Wednesday 03rd March 2010

So on today's show we gave the big announcement that Heart's next Love Music Live gig will be with Mr Robbie Williams on 18th March in London. For your chance to win tickets to this intimate gig make sure you join us tomorrow for more details. We will also want your help with our Thursday dillemma.

Monday 1st March 2010

On today's show Racheal came very close to winning a grand in our £1000.00 minute competition. She got eight out of ten, not bad for our first day. Join us tomorrow when the contestant could be you.

Friday 26th February 2010

From Monday we'll be starting our brand new game the £1000 minute. You'll get 60 seconds to answer 10 questions. If you get ALL 10 correct, you'll win £1000.

So to get us ready and to give you an idea of how to play, we challenged Maxine to have a go. Hear it here..

So, have a great weekend and join us on Monday. Maybe you'll be £1000 richer!

Thursday 25th February 2010

Hello there,

Well you really helped us with todays dilemma, Stace was a bit worried that here future husband was asking for a pre-nup agreement. The jury was split on this , quite suprisingly ! A lot of you were saying "just sign it .." and we even talked to Cath who signed it to protect her own investment, sounded really sensible have a listen for yourself.

On Friday, we're asking how would you fritter away a £1000 in one day, we'll talk in the morning.

Wednesday 24th February

Hi there,

On today's  show it was all about what simple things cause the rows in youre house. we were inundated with texts and emails on this subject and felt that everyone seems to feel the same. The main culprits were. Household chores, kids, toilet seats and money.

Tomorrow we will be sorting out a listener's dilemma. She has met the man of her dreams who wants to marry her but only after signing a prenuptual agreement. The course of true love never did run smooth. Join in with us and let us know what you think via text, email or on our facebook page.


Tuesday 23rd February

On todays show we covered everything from the world cup of Elvis impersonators to the worlds shortest man (who measures up at 22 inches!)

Also we were talking about all the different jobs we've had over the years, and we also talked to CJ who's had 27 jobs in as many years ! That even beat Maxine. 

We also had all the latest on the ongoing Cheryl/Ashley saga, and on text in the blank you were helping us suggest songs that Cheryl could cover, Jade was our winner with " I will survive " a CLASSIC !!

On Wednesday we're asking "what starts the row in your house?", get in touch and let us know , and we could be calling you back live on the show. Have a great day & we'll see you from 6.


Monday 22nd February

So, it was all back to normal this morning as both Hamish and Maxine returned after their time off.

Sharleen Spiteri is performing our next Love Music Live gig at Orchid in London next month and you could be there. Just listen to Toby from 10am each day this week to win. Hamish and Maxine launched this today by giving away a copy of her signed new album 'Movie Songbook'.

Tomorrow on the show they want to know how many jobs you've had. Hamish has had 5 but Maxine has had over 25! Can you beat that? Tell us the good, the bad and the ugly on the form below.

Friday 19th January

Helen was on her own this morning as Maxine was off to spend to the last day of half-term with her kids.

Hamish and Maxine will be back on Monday morning and they want to know what deals do you do with your other half to get your own way? Tell us in the form below and we'll mention the best on Monday.

Have a great weekend.


Thursday 18th February

Last night was a great night as we interviewed and then watched JLS perform at the Pavilions. You can see some pics here and take a listen to us chatting to them here...

Part One

Part Two

How cool is that?!

Hamish and Maxine are both off tomorrow so it's just Helen on her own.

See you tomorrow!


Wednesday 17th February

So, the final pair of our JLS tickets went this morning. If you tried but failed to get to the concert then dont worry as they will be at Escot Park on 17th July. You can get tickets here.

Tonight, the night after their brilliant Brits success they will be at the Pavilions. We're going to be talking to them before they go on stage and you can hear that interview tomorrow morning just after 8am.

Also on this morning's show we heard from Hannah, our Brits winner from last week. She was there last night and had a brilliant time. She told us what happened after Liam Gallagher threw his Brit Award and microphone into the crowd...

Tomorrow on the show we want to hear about the good, bad and ugly of half term week. How have your kids been behaving and what have been up to with them. Tell us on the form below.

See you tomorrow


Tuesday 16th February

Hamish continues his week off and we really think he might be going to the Brits tonight. Will he return next week and regail us with stories of meeting popstars and celebs? We can but wonder....

Anyway on this morning's show Helen and Maxine wanted to know whether it was okay in a relationship to check your other half's phone? Is it a trust breaker? If there's nothing to hide, should it matter? Or should you expect privacy? Loads of peopke got in touch. The general consensus is that you shouldn't do it. But if you feel the need to check your partner's phone then perhaps there is something you should be talking about anyway....

Tomorrow morning we want to know the things you say that show you're turning into your parents! Tell us what your story on the form below.

Also, we have the FINAL pair of JLS tickets. We'll be giving them away just after 7am. Don't be late!


Monday 15th February

Hamish is off this week and so the lovely Helen from drivetime is sitting in for him with Maxine.

Today we heard from Katie Price... she's been all over the tabloids recently with the crazy goings on in her life, as well as getting married. What does she make of it all. Hear part one here..

There's been lots in the press recently about Peter including him crying on Sky News. What did Katie make of all that? Have a listen to part two here...

Also, this morning we gave away tickets to see JLS on Wednesday at the Pavilions. We have another pair tomorrow morning! Don't miss it...

See you tomorrow