Child Murderer Jailed For Life

12 November 2014, 19:28 | Updated: 12 November 2014, 19:30

Police and prosecutors have welcomed the life sentence handed down to a man who murdered the two-year-old girl he was supposed to be looking after.

Kevin Park will serve a minimum of 22 years for causing Madison Horn "horrific'' injuries as he babysat the child at her home in Kelty, Fife, in April.

Park, 27, was in a relationship with Madison's mother Annemarie White at the time.

The High Court in Glasgow heard evidence that he repeatedly hit Madison's head against a wall but Park tried to claim that she was hurt after falling from a bed.

Following the eight-day trial, Detective Chief Inspector Scott Cunningham said: "Kevin Park was trusted to look after, care for and protect a two-year old girl.

"He didn't do that. What he did to a defenceless child is unimaginable, despicable and beyond any understanding.

"Following a major investigation, significant medical, scientific and forensic evidence was recovered and confirmed that he was solely responsible for causing extensive and horrific injuries which resulted in Madison's death.

"I welcome today's verdict and wish to thank all of my team of police officers, police staff, scientific experts and partner agencies for their dedication and professionalism in what has been an extremely traumatic and heart-breaking investigation.''

Nicky Patrick, procurator fiscal for High Court cases in the east of Scotland, said: "Madison Horn was a typical two-year-old girl, full of energy and vitality.

"She has now been robbed of her future by Kevin Park, a man who was in a position of trust and supposed to be looking after her.

"The murder of such a defenceless child has caused shock and disbelief amongst her family and the local community.

"Park denied the murder but was successfully prosecuted, having been found guilty by the court after trial and must now start to pay for the consequences of his violent act.''

Madison's mother said in a statement: "This has been a very hard and difficult time for the family and friends of Madison.

"We are pleased that justice has been served.

"I would also like to express my gratitude to everyone that helped with Madison's case and also to thank the Kelty community for being so supportive.''