Glasgow 2014 Security Goes 24-Hour

7 July 2014, 05:00

The huge security operation for the Commonwealth Games goes 24-hour today, with police chiefs claiming they're "very confident" of being able to deal with whatever comes their way - including a terrorist attack.

Police Scotland will be working with organisations including the other emergency services, prison service and the military to ensure Glasgow, and all the Commonwealth venues, are as safe as they can be.

Specialist officers including firearms experts and dog handlers are being brought in from outside Scotland to work alongside teams here.

The public's being told to expect to see more police on the streets of the city, with officer numbers slowly increasing as the opening ceremony grows closer.

Assistant Chief Constable Derek Robertson is Silver Commander for Commonwealth Games delivery.

He said: "If you take away the games, Police Scotland train and test for this all the time. We have specialist officers ready to deploy. The Games adds a bigger dimension but we will still use tried and tested techniques.

"Should anything happen, which we hope it won't because we have planned for everything, we can react very quickly and ensure it is just a small blip that we have to deal with.

"(We are prepared for) a range of incidents from the most serious counter terrorism incidents right down to bad weather."

"The public need to be rest assured that we have treated it very seriously and we are ready for most eventualities there are.

"We have got officers and partners working together for the one key objective of a safe, peaceful, successful Commonwealth Games that Glasgow can rightly look back on fondly, and say that was a success for the city and for Scotland in general."

The Commonwealth venues will also see an increase in security. Airport-style checks will be enforced at every entrance with scanners and metal detectors. Fencing will also go up and perimeter controls will be carried out on a regular basis.