Good Day At The Office For Murray

28 June 2014, 09:04 | Updated: 28 June 2014, 09:07

Andy Murray has talked about the perks of his job, "if you can call it that'' - travelling the world and meeting a comedy idol.

The Scot, who is such a "huge fan'' of The Office he knew the lines "word for word'' at one point, got to meet its star Ricky Gervais last night after his win on Centre Court.

"Yeah, I got to chat with him afterwards. I'd never met him before. I'm a huge fan of The Office.

"I mean, I've watched a lot of the stuff that he's done, but when I went over to Spain when I was 15, I watched an episode of The Office almost every single night I was there.

"I could almost, yeah, basically remember it word for word when I was over there training.

"Yeah, it was nice for me to get to meet him after the match,'' he told reporters at a press conference.

But the defending Wimbledon champion said the best thing about being Andy Murray is travelling the world - and he has the Maldives and Hawaii on his to-see list.

"I love the travelling. That's the thing I like the most. I don't like sort of the flying and the airports and stuff. But once you get to different places, like this year I went to Acapulco, it was the first time I'd been there. I didn't know what to expect. I absolutely loved it. It was a great, great place to go,'' he said.

Adding: "I think for a lot of tennis players, that's the nicest thing we get to do from a young age, get to travel the world. I wouldn't have got to do that in many other jobs, if you can call it that, what we do.

"And, yeah, I love that. I love going to new places. I love going to different cities, different countries. That's the best part about being a tennis player.''

Murray likes to spend time at home too when he is not playing.

"I don't go on many holidays now. When I'm not playing, I like to be at home. I've tried to go on a few holidays the last couple of years.

"I'd like to go to the Maldives. I'd like to go to Hawaii. They're quite far. Hawaii in particular is a long trip to get there if you want to go there on holiday,'' he said.