Halloween Prank Goes Viral

3 November 2014, 05:59 | Updated: 3 November 2014, 09:20

Nearly five million people have gone online to watch a video of a Halloween prank in Aberdeen.

Steven Scouler and 9 friends went out dressed as bowling pins on Friday night, and convinced a police patrol car to knock them over.

The 30 second clip has gone viral after being shared on Facebook.

Steven told us: "Every pin had their position out of the ten, so everyone knew where they were standing and what was going on.

"When they came towards us, I don't think it was until we could hear everyone clapping - because obviously we'd all fallen to the ground - so when you could hear everyone clapping and cheering for us, we just looked at each other and thought 'Did this actually just happen?'".

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: "Our officers were pleased to take part in the Halloween festivities and show the lighter side of policing in what is a vibrant, safe and friendly city centre of Aberdeen."