Jobs Competition 'At Six-Year Low'

26 June 2014, 06:24

Competition for jobs has fallen to a six-year low, although there are still 20 people chasing each vacancy in some parts of the country, according to a report.

Jobs site Adzuna said there were more vacancies than jobseekers in 20 towns and cities, including Cambridge, Guildford, Aberdeen and Reading.

Salford has the highest number of people per vacancy at 20, followed by Wirral (17), Sunderland (13) and Rochdale (11).

The national average has fallen from over two to less than 1.5, helped by a jobs "boom'' in northern England, said the report.

The number of vacancies has increased by more than 120,000 to almost 820,000 in the past year, said Adzuna.

Andrew Hunter, co-founder of Adzuna, said: "The robust economic recovery has relieved the log-jam in the labour market, clearing the way for the creation of far more jobs across the nation.

"Vacancies have boomed over the last year and the number of jobseekers chasing down each role has fallen to a six-year low.

"Businesses are expanding and taking on new staff as profits begin to flow into their balance sheets. Jobseekers looking to move have far more options to choose from.''

Advertised salaries increased by 0.6% last month to over £32,000, the study found.