Motherwell High-Rise In Asbestos Scare

4 July 2014, 06:42

More than 100 residents have been moved out of a tower block after asbestos is believed to have been disturbed.

North Lanarkshire Council said it decided to ''decant'' tenants from Anderson Tower in Motherwell as a precautionary measure after air quality testing on Thursday morning.

The substance is thought to have been disturbed during mains cabling replacement work which was being carried out at the tower by Scottish Power.

The council closed the block to allow further investigation and arranged other accommodation for tenants.

Many chose to spend the night with family or friends, with others put up in hotels or local council flats.

A spokesman for North Lanarkshire Council said: ''Initial testing has shown a number of positive results within the building.

''As a precautionary measure, movement to and from the tower was restricted.

''However, in light of the results, we have decided to decant our tenants.

''While we do not believe there is any immediate risk to health, the well-being of our tenants is our priority.

''We are hopeful residents will be able to return to the building as soon as possible.''

A spokesman told Heart it's hoped that will be by Friday evening, but there are no guarantees.

The multi-storey block houses more than 100 residents in 67 flats.