No Vote Boosted Economy Confidence

6 October 2014, 05:51

Consumers on both sides of the border said they were more confident about the economy after last month's No vote on Scottish independence, figures showed today.

The survey from Barclaycard found that 64% of Scots were now confident in their personal finances, up 9% from before last month's referendum - while 42% felt confident in the British economy, a rise of 12%.

However, Scots were less confident about their job security and career prospects, with sentiment about both down by 9% since the vote.

In England, levels of confidence in personal finances and in the UK economy each rose by 8%.

Barclaycard managing director Chris Wood said: "On the back of Scotland's decision to stay in the union, consumers both north and south of the border are feeling more optimistic and upbeat about the future of their household finances.

"Scottish residents however now are feeling less confident about their job security and career prospects than they did before the referendum, so it'll be interesting to see whether this changes over the coming months.''