One In Three Kids Consider Running Away

14 May 2014, 00:01

More than half of eight to 16 year olds who run away from home do so because of family arguments, according to Scottish charity Action for Children.

They surveyed 1,000 young people across the UK with almost one in three admitting they've thought about running away. It's caused concerns family problems could lead to homelessness.

The results also revealed 37% of these children feel they're not wanted by their parents or would be better off without them.

Fiona Steel is the Operational Director and explained the harsh challenges young people face on the streets and why it is important families don't let their differences have a lasting impact. "This can bring obvious risks in terms of exposure," she said. "There's the weather, they could be exploited by other people they meet and there may be risks in relation to drugs or alcohol too.

"Some of the reasons young people want to run away from home is because of arguments with family members and thinking that maybe their family would be better off without them.

"We are concerned about the figures. What we want to do is help and support children and young people."

She also went on to explain how much of an impact their help can have on the lives of both the parents and children involved.

"Parents welcome support at different stages to help them resolve their difficulties and make their relationships at home better," she added.

"It helps them manage the challenges they're facing and sometimes that can be effective and prevent young people from becoming homeless.

"Young people value the support too, prior to becoming homeless and indeed after. They value the safety and security of services that are offered and also the opportunities to then develop their life skills and take their lives to a different place."