Parents Fight School Merger At Ravenscraig

5 May 2014, 16:30 | Updated: 8 May 2014, 12:05

A group of parents in North Lanarkshire are vowing to do all they can to stop a new 'super school' being built on the site of the former Ravenscraig Steelworks.

A group of parents in North Lanarkshire are vowing to do all they can to stop a new 'super school' being built on the site of the former Ravenscraig Steelworks site.

The campus would include Our Lady's High, Bothwell Park and Taylor High in Motherwell.

Parents say their main concern is about the safety of the site and the health of their kids.

The plans would coast £36 million but the council say in the long run it would save them money because the existing building aren't up to scratch.

The area around Ravenscraig has been the focus of regeneration since it closed in 1992.

Bothwell Park High is part of Our Lady's High and is for children with complex needs and currently has 28 pupils.

Claire Nossiter's daughter's a pupil:

"These children already have poor immune systems so putting them anywhere that would possible risk their health is really, really upsetting.

"For the children that attend the school, change is a big issue. A lot of the kids have autism and for anyone who knows an autistic child they'll understand that change can be very difficult for them."

Kevin McCarron's sent 3 children have been pupils at Our Lady's High. He claims the site is toxic and not suitable for a school:

"The dilemma is are parents prepared to take a chance with their children's health. This school is build next to a secure containment facility. If the council wanted to build a toxic waste dump next to the current site of Our Lady's High School there would a huge uproar about that.

"The building was built on 1975 and it could do with having a few pounds spent on it but it's not the worst. I think there's an over focus on the building and what the council is doing is ignoring the fact there is a strong community and a spirit that will be lost if it's closed."

Mum of two Tina Provan's daughter is a pupil at Taylor High School:

"I'm worried about the location. When it shut down in 1992 there was a real concern regarding some of the toxics that were still located on this site. They were considered too dangerous to move so they were buried beneath the ground in what's now known as Prospecthill. North Lanarkshire Council is proposing our school is now moved within 100 yards of that site."

North Lanarkshire Council say: "All formally submitted comments will be considered as part of the consultation process which runs until 16 May. A report on the consultation will then be considered by the Learning and Leisure Services Committee in September this year.

"A new school building would allow for far more flexibility around a skills based, ICT supported curriculum, which can develop vocational themes for young people as they prepare for the future.

"If the proposals for a new school in Motherwell go ahead then it will build on the excellent teaching and learning which both schools offer but in buildings which are fit for purpose".

Public meetings are taking place at Our Lady's and Taylor High schools tomorrow at 7pm.