Plans Revealed For Clutha Regeneration

16 January 2015, 08:23 | Updated: 16 January 2015, 12:20

The first steps are being taken to rebuild the site of the Clutha bar - over a year since a helicopter crashed into the Glasgow pub.

10 people died after the crash on the 29th of November 2013.

Work is getting underway to reopen the attached Victoria bar and build a roof over the beer garden of the Clutha.  But the main building of the Clutha will stay closed for now.

Bar manager Alan Crossan said: "Decisions I had to and still have to make regarding the rebuild of the Clutha have been very challenging and are obviously very sensitive.  Everybody has an opinion on what I should do and I know I will not please everyone whatever happens.

"To stand in the pub just now where ten lives were lost is difficult and very sad. At the moment I don't think that it is appropriate to open the Clutha as it was. I know how important the Clutha is to Glasgow and how its resurrection will be seen as a symbol of recovery, and I can assure everyone that I will bring the Clutha back but only time can help me with how I do this.
"I feel that we need to bring back the Clutha in stages hopefully this will allow people to ease back in. The first stage will be constructing a roof over the beer garden and using the Victoria Bar and a small part of the Clutha.
"I will stress that this is temporary and as far as the long term answer for the Clutha is concerned more thought, planning and assistance from Glasgow City Council will be needed. I hope that over the next year I can enter discussions with the council regarding a permanent solution for the Clutha and hopefully some way of incorporating a fitting and lasting memorial to those who lost their lives".

It's hoped the bar could be open as soon as April this year.