PM Urges No Supporters To Speak Up

3 July 2014, 06:21

The Prime Minister will today call on the "silent majority'' of Scots who support the UK to make their voices heard in the run up to the independence referendum.

David Cameron is travelling to Scotland to again make the case for the country remaining in the United Kingdom.

Voters north of the border will decide the future of the union when they vote in September's independence referendum.

While First Minister Alex Salmond and his Scottish Government are campaigning for a Yes vote in ballot, Mr Cameron will insist that people can be "proudly Scottish and want to stay in the UK''.

The Prime Minister is expected to say: "We've heard the noise of the Nationalist few, but now it is time for the voices of the silent majority to be heard.

"The silent majority who feel happy being part of the UK, the silent majority who don't want the risks of going it alone, the silent majority who worry about what separation would mean for their children and grandchildren.

"With 77 days to go, we need the voices of the many to ring out across the land. For each one to realise that they are not alone because there are millions just like them.

"And this is how we rouse them to find their voice. We tell them: We've achieved so much together. We're safer together. We're better off together. We've got the best of both worlds together.''

The Prime Minister will declare: "Let's tell them this: You can be proudly Scottish and want to stay in the UK.

"Too many people in this country have been made to feel that you can't be a proud Scot and say No Thanks. You've got to choose between the Saltire and the Union flag.

"That is wrong. Loving your country means wanting the best for it - and for Scotland that is staying in the UK.

"So yes - you can be a patriotic Scot and vote No.''