Sickness Bug Hits Athletes' Village

16 July 2014, 13:11

Exactly a week before the Commonwealth Games begin, organisers are facing a potential nightmare.

Glasgow 2014 bosses are investigating an outbreak of sickness and diarrhoea at the athletes' village.

A spokesman said they had been made aware of a "small number'' of cases affecting the workforce at the Dalmarnock site.

An advisory has been sent to residents asking them to remain in their rooms if they develop symptoms, although no athletes have reported feeling unwell.

The spokesman said a number of staff have been affected, and they're investigating.

Village residents, including athletes, who experience signs or symptoms of the virus are being told to stay in their rooms and get in touch with officials for help.

Any staff member who falls ill at home is being advised to contact their manager and avoid coming in to work. If they become ill on shift, they should contact a supervisor.

Speaking at Glasgow airport where a renovated international arrival area was opened to welcome athletes for the Games, Glasgow 2014 chief executive David Grevemberg said staff are monitoring the situation in the village.

"It's a very isolated group of our workforce, and business is operating according to normal,'' he said.

"In any health and safety situation we always take it very, very seriously but it's an isolated incident, the residents at the village have not been affected and have been well briefed but we'll continue to monitor the situation.

"We work very closely with all the medical authorities, we have a great team there that's aware of the situation and gathering and disseminating information.

"As with any global village of this sort we are reminding people to be diligent in terms of their hygiene and cleanliness.''