Swinney Offers 'Alternative Agenda'

3 July 2014, 06:22 | Updated: 3 July 2014, 06:23

The Scottish Government will today set out an alternative to what it describes as "Westminster's austerity agenda'' that it says is only available with independence.

Finance Secretary John Swinney will say that using the full powers of independence, Scotland could protect public sector spending, support the economy and continue to reduce the deficit.

Mr Swinney will contrast Westminster plans to cut spending on public services with the alternative offered by a Yes vote as he sets out plans for public spending.

He will be speaking on a visit to the Dundee Waterfront Regeneration project - which shows the positive impact public investment can have in generating jobs and boosting the economy.

He will say: "The Scottish Government has consistently opposed Westminster's austerity agenda. With a vote for independence we will have the tools to change course, manage Scotland's resources responsibly and invest in our economy and our public services.

"By investing in the economy and our public services we can boost revenues and make sure everyone benefits from Scotland's wealth.

"Scotland is a wealthy country and our economy is recovering well, but Westminster's spending cuts put public services at risk and push more and more households into poverty.

"With the UK Government confirming a further £25 billion of cuts to come, independence is the only alternative to the Westminster austerity agenda.''

The £1 billion Dundee waterfront regeneration project, supported by Scottish Enterprise and Dundee City Council along with other partners, is expected to generate 9,000 jobs.