Swinney Yes Vote Message For Firms

31 July 2014, 06:09 | Updated: 31 July 2014, 08:10

Scottish companies will be able to boost their presence on the world stage with a Yes vote, according to the Finance Secretary.

John Swinney said Scotland "more than has what it takes'' to be a successful independent country ahead of a visit to Kelso in the Borders.

He will visit the headquarters of Scotmas Group, a company specialising in water treatment products with manufacturing operations in Chile and Turkey.

Mr Swinney said the firm reflected the strengths of Scottish business, including "flexibility, the ability to innovate and the confidence to trade and deliver on the world stage''.

Speaking before the visit, he said: "The success of Scotmas reflects Scotland's annual growth in manufactured exports - the fastest seen since 2008. This is good news for Scottish businesses and the wider Scottish economy.

"This comes in the same week that we see coverage of new analysis showing Scotland's GDP per head is significantly better than major economies like France, Japan and the UK as a whole.

"A Yes vote brings us the opportunity to use that wealth to help employers across Scotland, instead of wasting #100 billion on a new system of Trident nuclear weapons.

"With a Yes vote and the full powers of independence we would be able to use the full range of economic levers at our disposal to enable Scottish companies to increase their global reach.''

Derek Cameron, owner and chairman of Scotmas Group, said: "The powers of devolution have been good for business in Scotland, but with a Yes vote and independence my company and other firms can do so much more.

"Scotland is a well-known and well-liked country internationally - people across the globe are watching what happens on September 18 very closely.

"With a Yes vote international interest will increase and the global business opportunities available to Scotland will grow and grow.''

Shadow business minister Ian Murray, MP for Edinburgh South, said: "John Swinney should be listening to the concerns of business, who are desperately seeking answers from him on currency and the EU but getting nothing but radio silence.

"Being part of the UK allows Scottish business to sell to a domestic market of 63 million people rather than just five million people, whilst our industries are promoted by an unmatched global network in our embassies around the world.

"Separation would be a step backwards. Instead of assertions and hypotheticals, business in Scotland want facts.

"It is a fact that by voting No we keep the pound, it is a fact that by voting No we keep the special terms and conditions of the UK in the EU. It is a fact that by voting No our businesses can sell to a bigger domestic market in the UK without any barriers. There is no sense in risking that.''