Teen Sentenced For Clutha Theft

16 May 2014, 15:21

A fourth member of a group that broke into the Clutha pub to steal alcohol and charity tins weeks after the fatal helicopter crash has been spared detention.

Billy Jo Revie, 16, pled guilty when she appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court earlier.

Sheriff Joseph Platt said he wouldn't impose a custodial sentence, noting that Revie was aware that her behaviour was "disrespectful".

The teenager was instead handed an 18-month community payback order with the condition that she will be supervised.

The sheriff previously sentenced Jordan Parry, 16, and Darren Melrose, 18, to six months detention after they admitted their roles in the break-in on December 17, 2013.

Charmaine Holmes 17, who also pled guilty, was given a community payback order for 18 months with the condition she is supervised.

The robbery happened less than three weeks after a Police Scotland helicopter crashed into the roof of the Clutha, killing all three people on board and another seven who were in the bar.

The court previously heard that the group were spotted lurking outside by a man who was at the pub paying his respects to a friend who was killed in the tragedy.

He alerted the police and the teenagers were caught red handed on camera forcing their way into the empty pub.

Officers then heard them smashing charity tins off of the pavement and saw piles of coins and bottles of alcohol.

In reply to caution and charge by officers Revie said: "I didn't touch nothing."

Defence lawyer Ann Ritchie, representing Revie, said her client was friends with Holmes and they had met Parry and Melrose and followed them to the pub.

Ms Ritchie said Revie was "scared" at the time and knew that it was "disrespectful".

The defence lawyer also said that Revie spent time on remand over Christmas and found it a "frightening experience".