Gong In 60 Seconds

Listen in every morning and give the correct answers to descriptions for the chance to win.

Every morning on Heart Breakfast we give you the chance to win tickets to events, gigs and concerts right here in Scotland as we play Gong in 60 Seconds, the game you love to play along with.

We will put 60 seconds on the clock, give you a subject and describe different things associated with that subject. If you don’t know the answer to anything we’re describing just pass and we’ll move on.

Get 6 right in 60 seconds, in other words, before the gong goes off to win.

This week we have family passes for the Irn-Bru Carnival at the SECC which is taking place at the SECC from 19th December - Sunday the 11th January.

To win, just fill out the form below and Paul and Cat could be giving you a call.