Getting To Know Adele Cunningham

Get to know Adele Cunningham, including her ideal way to spend the weekend and guiltiest pleasure!

Who was your first celebrity crush? 

Mark Owen - Take That 

Who’s your most recent celebrity crush? 

Justin Timberlake (those moves!!!)

What song gets you on the dance floor? 

Kelly Marie - Feels like lm in love (sad but toooo true)

What song reminds you of the most treasured moments in your life? 

500 Miles - Proclaimers 

What makes you feel good more than anything else? 

Hot bubble bath, then Eating Tangerines and Chocolate in bed, listening to the rain watching a girly chick flick! 

What’s your most proud radio moment in your career? 

When l got the call to say l could join Heart 

And the most embarrassing?   

When l interviewed Stereophonics and kept calling Kelly......Jesse!!!! 

Has anybody told you you look like a celebrity? Who? 

Cameron Diaz and Lulu ( I wish)

Favourite food? 

Anything with Jumbo Prawns

Favourite film? 

OOOOO thats a tough one, A Time To Kill OR The Notebook

Favourite place? 

Cape Town, South Africa

What is your most treasure possession? 

My Cats (Cat Lady.....YES)

Who would play you in a film of your life? 

Oh I'd have to say Cameron Diaz 

What is your guiltiest pleasure? 

Single Nougat Ice Cream with salt&vinegar golden wonder crisps

Tell us about your ideal weekend. 

Friday, with my girlies at a Spa getting lots of beauty treatments and laughing lots.......Sat, HOT DATE and Sunday Barbeque at my sisters with all the family and kids and happy noise!

What was your first ever tweet? 

Day 1 and l have NO idea how to work brother is writing this for me!! 

What was your first ever Facebook status update? 

After months of persuasion from friends to join......l surrender!!!

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