Southampton’s Children’s Hospital

Global's Make Some Noise supports projects in your area that deliver life changing work and help to give children a brighter future. Projects like Southampton Hospital Charity.

Southampton’s Children’s Hospital offers one of the widest range of pediatric services in the UK. Make Some Noise will help install a new interactive floor for inpatient children and those coming for day surgery. This will be particularly good for providing an interactive distraction for children with special needs or disabilities, including games that children in wheelchairs can join in.

Games can make all the difference for children who have to spend time in hospital, like it did for Lizzie. Lizzie’s parents feared they would lose their daughter after she was horrifically injured in a car crash. Lizzie required neurosurgery to repair brain function but, with the support from Southampton General Hospital and Southampton Hospital Charity, Lizzie regained the ability to walk, talk, play and laugh. She’s now back at play school and caring for her favourite toy bunny.