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Lucy is away this week for a well earned break, the very lovely Sarah Cawood is covering, click here to keep up to date with everything happening on the show! 

Friday 2nd November

Happy Friday everyone! Thank goodness. We made it to the weekend! This actually fills me with joy. 

On todays show we had not 1, but 2 legends on the show. 

Fred DineageFred Dineage, Robbie Williams with JK & Lucy&….. Robbie Williams! 

Both amazing guests, and the fact they were both on the same show is even more amazing. If you missed out on either chats, check them out online right now at 

We also talked about the Heart South Coast Egg thief. It would seem that some unsavoury type has been poaching the Eggs we have for breakfast. You came to our rescue with suggestions on how to catch them – 

Fred the Trucker - Get some fake eggs & coat them in the paint that u cant see until u put it under uv light. Wait for 1 to go missing then check everyones hands under the light. 

Anna even turned detective saying.. We’re looking for someone on a high protein diet… 

The plot chickens sorry i mean thickens… 

And tonight – it’s the Ageas Bowl Annual Fireworks Party – gates open from 5.30pm, I’ll be there, taking care of the proceedings & giving away some fab prizes too! If I don’t see you there, I’ll see you in just over a weeks time, as we’re off on our hols for the week. I’m going to do LOTS of driving, including motorway driving for the first time – eeeek! 

Wish me luck! Have a fab week! Lucy xxx

Thursday 1st November

Yay – it’s Thursday! Hurrah.

How was your Halloween? Did you brave the rain & thunderstorms and go Trick or Treating? I didn’t. I made a mean Chilli though, before going to bed, Lemsip in hand, dressing gown on. Has anyone else got this horrible cold doing the rounds? It just won’t go away. Bit like that pesky JK… 

On todays show - We asked you – what have you blagged for free? This is after Dan Mills told us that, on a Saturday, he waltzes into an art gallery, pretends to be interested in buying a piece, and then gets free Champagne. The scallywag!! 

Your examples of blagging included… 

  • Mikhala - had to pay £50 for parking but got to the barrier and blagged to the nice man whilst using my feminine charm to let me out and he did x 
  • Steph – Got free Fence panels when she loudly complained in store about being given the wrong ones 

And it seems Halloween went without a hitch for most of us…apart from Lesley of Lordswood. She ignored the frantic knocking at her door & the ringing of the bell, thinking it was Trick or Treater’s….when in actual fact it was her soaking wet, bedraggled daughter who’d forgotten her keys! Oooops. 

You HAVE to listen tomorrow. Firstly, because you always do of course. Secondly because we’re chatting to the legendary Fred Dineage. And thirdly – we’ve got superstar & all round good egg Robbie Williams on the show! Amazing. 

Speaking of Eggs, you’ll also find out why they’re scrambling our brains at the moment. It would seem that there’s some Ouef poaching our breakfast here in the Heart South Coast building….this is no Yolk. Ok. I’ll stop. 

See you tomorrow! Lucy xxx

Wednesday 31st October 

Happy Halloween!!! Mwahahahahahaha and all that.

Today we’ve been playing a little Halloween game with you – yesterday I spent the afternoon buying, gutting & carving Pumpkins. It took ages, and my shoulders are really aching today! I very much enjoyed it though, sticking knives in pumpkins is rather therapeutic.JK & Lucy with Aussie Nige in pumpkin form - can y

I created the Heart family of Pumpkins. But which one’s me, which one’s JK & which one’s Aussie Nige? Hmm. Can guess who’s who! Plus check out all the pic's here

Also - Today we asked you – what’s the least Halloweeny thing you’re doing today? We then tried to make it more halloweeny for you! 

Do you think it worked with Stacey's? 
Stacey's day made Halloweeny

We also had the lovely Dawn French on the show today – if you missed the chat, check it out here!

See you tomorrow, have a very Happy Halloween!

Lucy xxx


Tuesday 30th October 

Hello!! It’s Tuesday, errrr, yay! 

We found out that Aussie Nige’s wife got a bit too eager & opened, then wore, her birthday present 4 days early! He’s now stuck as he doesn’t have a present to give to her tomorrow! She says that’s ‘fine’ – but is it really? Vicki's hit the nail on the head with her thoughts…

  • ‘Fine means fine when talking to friends however in the case of my husband, fine means "no dear it’s not ok, and if you don't immediately leave me alone all hells going to break loose" 

And – how many pillows do you sleep with? We tested out one of these pointless surveys on you, the South Coast – as you should always have the final say… If you sleep with 1-2 pillows, you’re confident & content with your life, if it’s 3-5 you crave companionship and when you do have it, like to have lots of cuddles! We spoke to lovely Nicky, who has 10 pillows on her bed! According to the survey that means she’s lonely. So we offered up JK to give her cuddles. Although Anne’s come up with a solution in case JK’s too busy to give cuddles….she has a 3ft body pillow! Funnily enough that’s exactly ‘snack sized’ JK’s height…perfect! 

Lucy in her big cosy jumperJK was giving me a hard time about my warm jumper dress… a few of you also spotted same wrong with the picture? Can you see it? 


Finally we also talked about lies you tell the opposite sex. JK & Nige both claimed that their ‘friends’ told these ones to the ladies….Jk’s ‘friend’ was apparently a Dolphin trainer, and Nige’s ‘friend’ was a pro-Tennis player….hmm. Interesting. 

Turns out some ladies do this as well:

  • Emilie: Once, on a night out, I told some guy I used to be a child actress!! 
  • Jacky: I told some guy that I was in the armed forces........ Followed it up with a service number, all the places I had been, and even showed him a photo of me in uniform............ Little did he know that it was my ex- hubby's details and a pic of me in uniform on wives military exercise day!!! 
And – if you haven’t seen JK doing his ‘Baby Bond’ training whilst in London last week yet or heard has chat with M – have a gander at… See you tomorrow! L xxx

Monday 29th October 

Hello you!

How was your weekend? I’m not gonna lie, I’ve had better ones…but I still had a lovely time with my Mum. Mums are ace aren’t they? Mine looked after me, dished out wine, Chinese food & provided a shoulder to cry on this weekend. What a woman, where would we be without our Mum eh?

On todays show we asked you….what has your other half dragged you to? This is because our boss dragged his poor wife to a Level 42 concert last night! It’s ok though, she made him pay for it by getting a Wagamama’s and 5 quid a bottle beer out of the deal! Good work. Here’s a couple of your examples…

  • Natalie - Nu camp stadium in Barcelona when I WANTED to see the dancing fountains!
  • Zoe - I took my hubby to watch The Princess Diaries with me years ago. Even the ticket assistant looked at us in bewilderment and said 'no children?'

Also, we announced Alicia Keys as our next Love Music Live performer! How huge is that? Even better – you could be there, at the exclusive, intimate gig. Your chance next week on Heart breakfast. So excited!

JK 008As you’ll know, we were away last week – because JK had to do James Bond training in London – part of his training included being interviewed by M herself, actual Dame Judi Dench. We also filmed JK attempting various challenges, with interesting results!

Online to to see video footage of how everything unfolded….including JK spying on Toby Anstis. Yes, really!!

Have a fab Monday, see you bright & early tomorrow!

L xxx

Friday 19th October

Last night, the first ever Dorset Hall Of Fame awards took place in Bournemouth. JK & I hosted the event, and we had a brilliant time! We honoured those who well & truly put Dorset on the map. To see who the first 5 inductees are & to check out photos from the evening, head online to…

On todays show…

According to a new study, 80% of women prefer men with a SMOOTH CHEST! Personally I’m in the 20% who like a good hairy chest, it’s proper manly. At least I thought I did until JK made me stroke Aussie Nige’s chest rug. Aussie Nige Hairy chest

Check it out online at You can also add your thoughts to the hairy/smooth chest debate…here’s some of the pro-fuzz ones…

Hollie: Hairy chest. helps keep my boyfriend warm in winter lol.

Donna: Definately 100% hairy!!! Rough & ready feel........something to grab.......gently of course!! X

Rachel:Hair, hair HAIR! Love it, can't understand women who hate men with hair, it's manly and sexy!!!

David: I can feel a charity "pluck" coming on !!!

Also - We talked about the times when you’ve taken a massive stumble…so when did you last majorly stack it? I do it all the time…. From the time when I was 3 & rolled down an escalator (yes I did get stripy cuts on my face), to the time we were out in Southsea & I TOTALLY went flying. In front of lots of people. In the middle of the afternoon. As you do.

Finally – if you love the band Lawson, we’ve popped our interview with the lovely lads on our website, so if you get a chance, go & have a listen –

Have a top weekend,

Lucy xxx

Thursday 18th October

We’re finally at Thursday & we’re all excited because tonight it’s the Dorset Hall Of Fame. We’re hosting it, and we’ll be recognising the great & good that Dorset people have done. As it’s a glitzy do, it means I get to dress up (yay) & JK has to wear a suit, which will make him look like a Penguin. (double yay)

On todays show then, we asked you - How do you avoid putting the heating on? Your suggestions included ‘cuddling on the sofa’, using electric blankets, and Deans suggestions of Adapting your sleeping bag by cutting holes in the bottom to put your feet through, so you can still walk….. Funnily enough, most of the suggestions came from the male species (stinge bags), and we even have photographic evidence of what JK does to avoid putting his heating on! JK in bed in a beanie

Also go to our Facebook page if you want to see something UTTERLY ridiculous – JK & Aussie Nige are sharing a room tonight following the Dorset Hall Of Fame bash, so Aussie Nige has drawn up a very serious, legally binding contract to ensure tonights co-habitation goes without any trouble. It’s stamped by the Supreme Court of Queensland and everything. Check it out & let us know what you think OTT or OK?.

I’m with JK on this & thinks Nige is being really harsh. Luke agrees – and his theory is that Nige is just jealous of JK & wants his body…ewwww.

Have a fab day you!

Lucy xxx

Wednesday 17th October

Today it’s my birthday, hurrah!! This morning, my special day started with my first ever drive into work! In the torrential rain and floods. It was pretty scary, but I rather enjoyed it!

So far, I’ve had lots of cards and some awesome pressies. JK & Aussie Nige got me stuff for my new car, including a nodding Pink Poodle, which is brilliant!! Ha!
Lucy's Nodding Dog

birthday girl lucy

The LOVELY ladies at the Morello Bakery baked me the best cake ever – in the shape of a ginger Cat! He looks just like my cat Herbert, only made of chocolate and not actual Cat. Obvs. Thank you very much Annette & Rachel, and also Mini Morellos Lottie & Florrie – your card was absolutely gorgeous!

Lucy's amazing Cat Cake from the team at Morello B

We talked about the stories your Mum & Dad ALWAYS tell everyone, over and over again – you know, the really embarrassing ones…examples included Craig eating a Slug & Ray’s Mum pulling down his pants to prove he was a boy – due to his exceptionally long eyelashes!

We finally finished the A-Z Of Showbiz yesterday and to celebrate/commiserate this, JK & I created a song for Aussie Nige, as a thank you for all his hard work in organising the interviews! If you haven’t heard our INCREDIBLE song (no, really, it has to be heard to be believed), you can listen to it & also check out all our A-Z Of Showbiz interviews right here

Hope you have a fab Wednesday!

Lucy xxx

Tuesday 16th October 

It’s Tuesday, aka the most boring day of the week! Yay.

Obviously we like to make your Tuesdays more interesting, and this morning we started off by talking about items on your random wish list. This was after JK’s girlfriend declared that she wanted a Victorian style lamp post in the garden. We all got thinking, and I decided that on top of my wish list was the A’La Carte Kitchen. Remember it? Did you get one as a kid? I don’t know about you, but I always wanted to make my Dad a breakfast of Swiss Roll & Baked Beans. Mmmm, yummy.

For nostalgias sake, or if you haven’t got a clue what I’m on about (it happens), here’s the A’La Carte Kitchen advert from the 80’s….brilliant.


The random items on your wish list included a red telephone box as a shower cubicle, a onesie & a slide to take you from the top of your house to the bottom. You can actually get one of those too. I know, right! Want one. Like now.

We talked about the fact that 2 Spice Girls have become 1…Mel C & Hearts very own Emma Bunton have joined forces to record ‘I Know Him So Well’. We’re not sure why, but JK reckons they made the decision after 1 too many Sherries following the Olympics closing ceremony. I like this theory.

Finally – It was a sad day for us, but a great one for stressed out Aussie Nige as we’ve reached the end of the A-Z Of Showbiz – the letter ‘Z’ was represented by Britain’s Got Talents Mr Zip! An amazing finish I think you’ll agree….you can check out all the interviews from the A-Z Of Showbiz online at!

Lucy xxx

Monday 15th October

Hiya, yes it’s Monday already!
How was your weekend then? I had a pre-birthday celebration in Manchester, it was LOVELY. We all went for dinner at a fab Greek restaurant, I was spoiled rotten with a Jo Malone candle & perfume, & my mate Stu even baked an Oreo cookie cake! It was delicious!
On Sunday night were you one of the 8 million who were all transfixed to YouTube? What a man Felix Baumgartner is! In case you didn’t know, he broke the speed of sound record after hitting Mach 1.24 as he plummeted from Earth from 128 thousand feet! What I didn’t realise, as I was enthralled watching him fall from the skies, is that underneath his suit & helmet…there’s a VERY good looking man! He’s a stunner. Enjoy this pic….thank me later.

Pilot Felix Baumgartner

On today's show  - We asked – what annoys you about yourself? I narrowed my annoyances down to 3 from a VERY long list…here’s some of yours!
Jenny - I am so clumsy like yesterday i dropped a bottle of vinegar on my toe ouch!!
Kelly -  I spend too much time on facebook.
Shelley - Constantly repeating myself at my daughter in the morning!
And on the A-Z Of Showbiz, we reached the letter ‘Y’…..and ALL of us fulfilled a life long dream…..’Y’ stood for Diane Youdale aka…..JET from Gladiators!!! Amazing. You can listen to all of our interviews online at – can’t believe it’s the last one tomorrow!
Have a fab day, see you from 6am!
Lucy xxx

Thursday 11th October

Ahhh!  It’s finally Thursday! Thank goodness!How has your week been?

JK hasn’t washed his jeans in OVER 3 MONTHS!! We discovered this after he found a receipt dating back to July in the back pocket. But, unbelievably, he wasn’t the worst offender…JK's Receipt

That dubious ‘honour’ went to Terry – ‘My decorating jeans have not been washed in about 5 years as they only covered in paint’

Keldra told us – ‘When my hubby is deployed for 7 mths he freely admits that his jeans only get washed if he spills something on them or he gets them dirty!!’

Over on our facebook page, the girls were up in arms over JK’s filthy habits –

Emilie: Most definitely NOT ok... They'll grow a life of their own soon...

Natalie: JK, that is just wrong!

Leanne: Eeeewwwwwwwwww JK thats awful!!!

We reached the letter ‘X’ on the A-Z Of Showbiz. X man Hugh Jackman was busy, Example was busy, it wasn’t Xanadu singer Olivia Newton John….so who was it? Well….in a scraping the barrel spectacular, Aussie Nige roped in JK’s ‘X’ girlfriend Zoe….cue lots of questions about JK’s height hindering their romance. You can check out all of our A-Z Of Showbiz interviews here!

And finally – scientists have found out that…..MICE SING. Not only that, they sing to claim the affection of lady mice. It’s true. Have a listen to our exclusive footage here….

JK & Lucy discover Mice can sing!

We’re not here tomorrow, but we’ll be back for Saturday breakfast from 6!

Have a fab day!

Lucy xxx

Wednesday 10th October

Hello! It’s the Hump of the Week! Also known as Wednesday…

How’s your week going so far? Last night, I decided to do some rearranging. It all started when I shifted a dining table downstairs, then decided I wanted to change my whole bedroom around! I tell you what though, it was worth it. My bedroom looks lovely & I slept better than I have in ages. Happy house, happy head & all that. 

JKs shower

On the show today we did JK & Lucy’s SouthCoast Survey….and it was all about SHOWERING & SHARFING. (that’s a shower in the bath, for those of you not in the know). We discovered that 96% of all women specifically choose which shampoo or shower gel they choose every morning…whereas pretty much 100% of all men just use whatever’s there….SHOCKER. Naaaaht.

Plus – after Aussie Nige’s monumental mess up with the letter ‘U’ on the A-Z Of Showbiz, we decided to punish him. So after yesterdays show, Nige had to walk LOTS of Dogs. Did we mention he’s not exactly canine compatible? You can see a video of how Nige got on here: 


Today we reached the letter ‘W’ on the A-Z Of Showbiz….and Aussie Nige managed to mess up…AGAIN. This time, he overbooked! So we got the brilliant Warwick Davis AND actual real life WHIGFIELD! She’s got a new single coming out, she still looks incredible too! Check out her new video, plus Whigfields official website right here 

As for the fabulous Warwick, you can hear his full chat with us on Saturday breakfast – believe me, it’s well worth listening out for. There’s lots of laughs & he tells us all about the new series of An Idiot Abroad, plus possibly the best I-Phone App you could EVER wish to own.

We’re back tomorrow from 6, have a lovely day!

Lucy xxx


Tuesday 9th October

Hello, welcome to Tuesday!

Last night I decided to do some baking! Yes, again! I was doing my weekly shop & there were Pumpkins everywhere, so I decided to challenge myself. I made a Spiced Pumpkin Loaf with Cream Cheese icing. Without a recipe. It could’ve been disastrous, but luck was on my side! Fancy a slice? J 

Pumpkin Loaf

On todays show, I discovered that JK has been a very naughty boy & rifled through my handbag. Inside he found a tin of Spam & a pot of Glace Cherries…there IS an explanation of course. I got the Cherries for baking, and the Spam…well I just really fancied Spam Fritters. I think I was feeling nostalgic yesterday, and they remind me of being little! What’s the strangest thing in your handbag? Head to our Facebook page and let us know.

contents of Lucy's handbag 

We’re punishing Aussie Nige for messing up royally on the A-Z Of Showbiz yesterday…when he blatantly lifted an interview with Usain Bolt, took out the original questions & replaced them with his own….Nige’s punishment…to walk dogs with Cath from Hobbs & Hounds….find out how dog fearing Nige gets on tomorrow morning!

Speaking of messing up royally, it happened again today. We were supposed to have Denise Van Outen on the show representing the letter ‘V’, but we ended up with her lovely husband Lee Mead after her Strictly duties took over! Obviously we’re blaming Nige for this too, just because we can. Have a listen back here!  

I’m now slightly worried about who we’ll have for the letter ‘W’ tomorrow….

That’s all for today, see you tomorrow morning from 6!

Lucy xx

Monday 8th October

Hello! Welcome to Monday guys!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything lovely? I had a girly night out with my Mum, and also saw my gorgeous Nephew Max. Honestly, he’s so beautiful – he’s only 6 weeks old and has changed so much already. I was taught how to ‘dream feed’, which means I bottle fed him as he slept. Apparently it’s a life saver (and sleep saver) for new parents! You learn something new every day eh?

On todays show, we had a right busy one!

JK managed to ruin his favourite T-shirt by spilling Chicken Tikka Masala down it this weekend….so we asked what have you ruined? Debbie told us she ruined her brand new black trousers by getting bleach down them. Damn.

If you want to see the best example EVER – head to It involves Aussie Nige, his mother in law & a Dinghy. Yep. Really.

Olly Murs joined us live via satellite to chat about his new single, book & Hearts Love Music Live. If you see him live by the way, he’s officially said it’s fine to throw underwear at him. They make good Christmas presents apparently. Listen in full online at…

And we reached the letter ‘U’ on our A-Z Of Showbiz. Aussie Nige managed to get actual real life USAIN BOLT on the show. When I say, on the show, I mean…well…he stole someone elses interview and recorded some questions for him. Lets be honest, we all knew he'd fail at some point. Funny though. Check out Aussie Nige’s EPIC fail here….

On tomorrows show…

We’re worried, very worried indeed. Aussie Nige has confessed that he doesn’t have a guest line up to represent the letter ‘V’ on the A-Z Of Showbiz. Uh-oh.

Friday 5th October 

Yaaaaay, it’s Friday!!

 This morning we were all about Bond, James Bond. We played you the official theme to ‘Skyfall’ from the amazing Adele. When we played it there were goosebumps (from Me), there were tears (from JK), and high notes (from Aussie Nige). It was a moment. ;)

In other Bond related news, it’s actually Global Bond Day today, as it’s been 50 years since the first Bond film, Dr No, was released! Also, Casino Royale has been voted the best Bond film ever. What’s yours? My personal favourite is A View To A Kill – Grace Jones is an AMAZING Bond Girl!On that note, we thought it’d be fun to come up with our own Bond Girl Name Generator – to find out how to do it, and create yours, just click here

Adele james bond skyfallOn that note, we thought it’d be fun to come up with our own Bond Girl Name Generator – to find out how to do it, and create yours, just click here

The name’s Framboise, Zellweger Framboise…

The winning continued today too – Lucky Nick bagged himself an Annual Pass to Merlin Attractions – meaning he gets to go as many times as he wants to Alton Towers, Legoland and loads more!

We also gave a very excitable Kirsty tickets to see Olly Murs next week at Hearts Love Music Live – speaking of Mr Murs, he’s on the show with us on Monday! How exciting!

The week’s not over for us yet as we’re back in the morning for Saturday breakfast, and it’s shaping up to be a very exciting show indeed!

Tomorrow morning, we’ve got another pair of Olly Murs tickets, plus there’s a trip to Rome to be won with Radox!

Oh – and we’re going to be joined by the stars of The Knot – Noel Clarke & Mena Suvari. Join us from 6, it’s gonna be EPIC!


Thursday 4th October

We’ve made it to Thursday, nearly the weekend eh?

bird poo on carsSo on todays show - We poo-poohed the Theory that Red cars are the colour affected most by birds popping their droppings. In a survey…conducted in our car park – we discovered that here on the South Coast, seagulls prefer the colour BLACK! Apparently it’s because they think reflection of the roof from the sky looks like a puddle.



We’ve given an Annual pass for Merlin Attractions to Alison – who’s more excited about the fact she can send the kids off to the likes of Alton Towers & Legoland & have a day to herself than she is about actually going!

Janine was very happy when she won tickets to see Olly Murs at Hearts Love Music Live – you can win some tomorrow too, so don’t panic if you haven’t managed it yet!

With the news that tomorrow morning we get to play you Adele’s James Bond theme ‘Skyfall’ – JK decided to have a nosy around on the internet to see if he could find a clip so we could get ahead of everyone else. We found one…well that’s what he says – have a listen to this (& then tell me it doesn’t sound distinctly like JK & Aussie Nige pretending to be Adele). Jokers.

It was a nightmare on the M27 today, both sides of the carriageway were like a car park with various accidents & breakdowns, so we dedicated the Time Tunnel to everyone stuck in it! Personally, I think Ashford & Simpson ‘Solid’ was a very apt song!

On the A-Z Of Showbiz, JK’s dream came true when we had Michaela Strachan on the show representing the letter ‘S’ – did you have a crush on her too? Join us tomorrow for the letter ‘T’!

Have a fab Thursday you!

 Lucy xxx


Wednesday 3rd October

Hurrah – it’s the Hump Of The Week! Welcome to Wednesday!

Is anyone else already starting to hibernate for Winter already? It’s only just Autumn, but this week I’ve had the open fire burning every night, I’ve been cooking Beef Casserole & baking, and last night found myself crooning Take That’s ‘Babe’ into a Wooden spoon…

On todays show we learned that the most annoying sound in Aussie Nige’s house is his knocking water pipes whenever he turns on the shower – this has been going on for months…unfixed, which got us thinking…

That EVERYONE has an ever increasing to-do list, you know, the jobs you always MEAN to do but don’t…we called Adrian for his other half Joanne. She’s desperate for him to sort out bleeding the radiator in the en suite bathroom. Poor Joanne has been getting up early, and going into a FREEZING shower room for like, the last century. Call yourself a man Adrian? Go & get a radiator key. They’re cheap & effective, and more importantly, FIX THE PROBLEM! Who knows, maybe you’ll get a smile from the wife rather than a grunt next time you tell her you love her. See – we don’t just fix your household problems on this show, we also provide marriage counselling. That last part may have been a lie.

Have a listen here to how Adrian reacted to our call: JK & Lucy's Friendly to do list reminder service

It was a Wonderful Wednesday of Winning too! (check out the alliteration there, impressive).

Matt from Portsmouth has got himself an Annual pass to Merlin Attractions for his whole family, meaning he can go to Alton Towers, Chessington World of Adventures, Legoland & loads more as many times as he likes, for an ENTIRE YEAR! Your turn tomorrow….

Also – we’re sending a very excitable Debbie to go & see Olly Murs at Hearts Exclusive Love Music Live next Friday. She was so chuffed, she could barely speak. It could be you tomorrow!

Oh, and in case you hadn’t heard (or live under a rock), JK’s got a sore back, and he’s in a bad mood. Pretty much standard behaviour from the wee man. It’ll be ok though, as Amanda’s offered to hang him upside down to stretch his back. I’ve also asked her to swing him around her head as she does it, I’ve heard that helps too. ;)

Have a fab Wednesday you lot,

Love Lucy xxx

Tuesday 2nd of October

Happy Tuesday to you!
JK hates Tuesdays, so to make it better, I baked lots of Cupcakes. Well, actually that’s a bit of a lie. I baked the cakes because it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, so I’ve asked everyone at Heart HQ to help themselves, then make a donation to a Breast cancer charity. If you find yourself at a loose end during October, maybe do the same one evening? Or get your Kids to do it for you, it’ll keep ‘em occupied! You can eat cake & do your bit! Here’s how they turned out – Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes & Raspberry & Orange Cupcakes too. Yummy.

Lucy cupcakes
On today's show we found out that JK’s girlfriend is a bit of a Geek – as tonight, just for her, he’s erecting….a Telescope! Apparently she won’t even need it until Christmas NEXT year. Nothing like planning ahead I guess!
The week of winning continued today - Heidi won an Annual pass to Merlin Atrractions for her family – meaning she can go as many times as she likes to Alton Towers, Madame Tussauds & more! It could be yours tomorrow! Also - Tessa is off to see Olly Murs at Hearts Exclusive Love Music Live – if you want to go, listen in tomorrow morning.
We’ve reached the letter Q on the A-Z Of Showbiz – and we had the lovely Pauline Quirke on the show! Listen again to her & all our other guests online at
And finally – we talked about the most annoying sounds in your house - ranging from Alarm clocks, to your significant other…and Lyndas Parrot, Bella! Thankfully she didn’t tell us to be quiet or call me a ‘Witch’ as she rather endearingly does, to poor Lynda! Have a listen to Bellas talents here…

Lynda and her Parrot Bella
Maybe you too have an annoying pet, or sound that really gets on your nerves? Let us know what it is!
We’re back tomorrow morning from 6 with more Merlin Attractions annual passes, more tickets to the Heart Love Music Live Olly Murs gig, and we’ll have reached the letter ‘R’ on the A-Z Of Showbiz – find out who our celebrity guest will be!
See you bright and early!
Lucy xxx

Monday 1st October

Hello! Welcome to a brand new week!
How was your weekend? After work on Saturday morning, I popped into London to see my Mum & little Sister. We had the best day ever. Shopping, gossiping & eating lots of cake pretty much summed up our day. Every now & then, girly time is essential!
Lucy's Trifle
On Sunday, I had a Roast dinner with my lovely neighbours, and I provided dessert. Adorned with hundreds & thousands, sugar butterflies & gold shimmer spray, my Raspberry Trifle (laced with lashings of Sherry), went down a treat! I nearly had to be rolled out of their house. Piggies. I proved a point though. Trifle is for life, not just for Christmas. Drop me an email if you want the recipe!
On today's show….
We found out about your stories of Childhood Rebellion – this is after Producer James told us that he went to see There’s Something About Mary as a kid despite his mum telling him not to! Jase told us that he fell off his Grandad’s rope ladder tied to a tree after messing with the knot, when he was told not to! He bruised his Coccyx, his Grandad told him he was disappointed & he didn’t get to eat any Werthers Original that day…lesson learned.
Sania in Portsmouth won a years pass to Merlin Attractions – which includes Alton Towers, Madame Tussauds & Legoland – and you can go as many times as like! Amazing. Your chance to get one for yourself tomorrow morning around 7.30!
Elaine won herself the first pair of tickets to see Olly Murs at Love Music Live next Friday! We’ve got more available tomorrow – there’s one question standing in the way of you & Mr Murs!
We discovered something to make you smile on a wet & miserable Monday….involving a Gorilla & a Caterpillar! It’ll put a big soppy grin on your face – check it out at
And – todays guest on the A-Z Of Showbiz, representing the letter ‘P’, was Arlene Phillips! She’d just returned from a wild party at Andrew Lloyd Webbers gaff in Barbados. How very showbiz. Also – she got extra brownie points when she said that if we saw her out in a restaurant, not only could we have a photo & an autograph, but share a glass of Champagne. Fabulous.
On tomorrows show…
More chances to win  -
An annual pass to Merlin Attractions, including Alton Towers, Madame Tussauds & Legoland!
More tickets to see Olly Murs at Hearts Exclusive Love Music Live!
Plus – who will represent the letter ‘Q’ on the A-Z Of Showbiz?
Find out tomorrow morning from 6!
Love Lucy xxx