JK & Lucy's Movie Star Name Generator

Have you ever wanted to know what your Movie Star name would be? 

Well JK & Lucy to the rescue! 

In just 3 easy steps you can find out yours..... here you go....

1) You start with the name of your pet

2) Next add the name of your first school 

3) Finally add the model of your first car.

Wallah, you now have you Official JK & Lucy Movie Star name    

Here are ours & we would love to know yours.... let us know in the comments box below! 

    JK's is: Jasper Berford Fiesta

    Lucy's is: Princess Watchlytes Agila

    Aussie Nige's is: Namate St Bernadette Cortina

    Katie from News is: Snowy St Michael Cooper

    Dan Mills is: Snoopy Shiplake Micra