Lawson on Heart Breakfast with Dan and Zoe!

Andy, Ryan, Adam and Joel; the four cheeky (and rather handsome) lads that make up the British pop rock band of the moment; Lawson!

What was meant to be a five minute chat, soon turned into half an hour of total chaos! Zoe really shouldn't be laughing this much when she's pregnant...

Firstly, we all watched them on Sunday Brunch over the weekend for some cutting edge interview prep, but felt really sorry for them - they didn't get to cook anything. They didn't even get to eat anything :(

So in sympathy we thought why not let them show off their culinary skills on our show! Listen and watch back below to see how much mess they mad! (It wasn't actually that much...Pam the cleaner was fine about it.)

Another highlight you might want to stick on repeat for the next seven hours, is this clip below of the lads pretending to give birth...if that takes your fancy? By the way, just to explain, they were helping Zoe with her pregnancy planning!

Have a listen to the full interview here:

Lawson on Heart Breakfast with Dan & Zoe- Full Interview