Lucy's Blog - Friday 14th December

Happy Friday to you!! Only 11 Sleeps Till Santa – hurrah!!

On todays show - Aussie Nige got REALLY excited about the next big date in the Calendar! This is after all the 12/12/12 gubbins the other day. He was worried that there wouldn’t be another equally amazing date in our lifetime, however his fears were allayed when Helen alerted Nige to this date happening next year – 11/12/13 14:15:16!! I’ve never seen him so excited, we had to send him into a dark room to calm down!
Also – did you know, in just 88 years, it’ll be 01/01/01. Thanks Louise for that one! Plus lookout for 20/12/2012 20:12 next week!
And AJ in Gosport made us laugh with this – ‘Why is 6 scared of 7? Coz 7 8 9 !!!’ – Hahahahahahahaha. Ha.
We asked you to answer this – what does the average person do in 90 seconds? Here’s some of your guesses…
Jason - Cleaning your teeth.
Sean - reply to a text!
Sophie - how long it takes someone to wake up?
Lisa -  is it wrap a prezzie up?
The correct answer is….it’s how long it takes for you to decide whether or not you like someone when you first meet them!
Finally – JK has an answer to his long running parking saga. His neighbour left him a snotty note for parking outside his house. Keen to sort this out, JK enlisted the help of you & wrote a letter to the neighbour. He heard nothing back, then decided to take matters into his own hands by knocking on his neighbours door. Man to man. It turns out, the only reason the neighbour was annoyed, is because JK’s radio comes on as soon as he starts his engine in the morning. Really loudly. At 4.20am!!!
The good news is, they’ve made up & are going for a festive drink tonight! Ahhhh lovely. J
Have a fab weekend – join us tomorrow morning from 6am!
Lucy xx