Lucy's Blog - Friday 16th November

It’s FRIIIIDAAAYY!! Welcome to the weekend everyone! What are your plans? I’m heading off to Love Music Live tonight to see the beautiful Alicia Keys at Hearts exclusive gig in London. Definitely a major perk of the job! If you’re amongst the lucky few going, I’ll see you at the bar! If not, I promise to return on Monday with all the gossip.

On todays show we talked about my meanie of a big brother. My little nephew Max, who turns 3 months old tomorrow (bless him), isn’t allowed to have ANY Teddy Bears at my brothers insistence. I think this is just mean. JK however, being the grumpy guts he is, agrees with my brother. Of course, we wanted you to have your say, here’s some of your thoughts…
Luke - Jk stop being a big bully...and Lucy yes ur bro is wrong .....teddys are a good form of education for a children...jk u moan too much he u had teddys!!!
Laura - Morning JK and Lucy! I used to be in Lucy's camp when my daughter was born but she has sooo many now and plus everytime she is rewarded she wants a teddy!!! We have about 60 and she is 5!!! JK all the way.
Carole - My daughter mollie is 2 and has loads of teddies. She is very fussy though and feels their ears and tails and if their not soft enough to rub she won't have it. I wouldn't get rid of any. Carole
We also had a bit of make believe fun & asked you who you would have as your celebrity parents & grandparents? Personally I went for Helen Mirren & Brian Blessed as my Grandparents, then settled on Nigella Lawson & Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards as Ma & Pa! Imagine dinner time. Amazing food & rock n roll anecdotes, genius! Here’s some of yours…
Anna - mrs doubtfire grandma, david wailliams as Grandad, peter kay as my Dad, and dawn French as ma ! Victor meldrew as my neighbour!
Sam – Grandparents - Hugh Hefner and Nanny Pat from towie, Parents Prince Albert of Monaco and Julia Roberts. Sam on the way to work
Amy - Bruce Forsyth & June Brown as grand parents & Lee Evans & Sarah Milligan as parents!!
We’re back tomorrow bright & early for Saturday breakfast, see you from 6! J
L xxx