Lucy's Blog - Friday 22nd December

Good morning you! Hooray it’s Friiiiiiday!! 4 more sleeps to go!! Eeeeeek.

On this mornings show we were very proud (for once) of Aussie Nige. Yesterday he took his UK Citizenship test. He had to get 75% to pass, and if he failed, he would’ve been straight on Kangaroo Airlines back to Oz. Thankfully, HE DID IT!! Well done Nige! Although he also managed to get himself a parking ticket in the process! Oooops. Classic Nige. If you want to congratulate him, you can do it right here
We also talked about the fact the world is apparently ending today. According to the Mayans anyway. We asked you to tell us why it shouldn’t end today….
Jack & Aaron - The world cant end today because it is already tomorrow in australia.
Katie - The world shall never end cause I spent 80000 on a 81 inch 3d tv.
Donna - The world can't end today because... We've all spent a fortune on Christmas!
Archie - It can't end today because my tv guide goes until Sunday.
Finally – it was our last week day breakfast show this morning, and I just want to say what a wonderful Heart family you are, and thank you for being utterly brilliant this past year. You’re ace. We’ll still be doing Saturday breakfast though, so you’re not quite rid of us yet!
Have a fantastic Christmas & New Year!
Lots of love,
Lucy xxx