Lucy's Blog - Friday 23rd November

Finally – the weekend has landed!! Yaaaaay! What are your plans for the weekend? I’m going to do absolutely nothing but eat & relax, and do you know what, I cannot wait!

On todays show, we created a brand new theory. You know how for years, we’ve lived by the old adage – ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’?
Well….we’ve decided that 'Men are Dogs, Women are Cats!
For example –
Dogs are easily pleased & simple – they just want to be fed, be allowed to play with other dogs & be loved. Just like men.
Dogs are also logical & methodic. If you want them to do something you just need to give them step by step instructions! Just like men.
Cats wash loudly, are preening themselves constantly & take forever at it! Yep, we’re guilty of that.
If you chase a Cat, it will run away. However, if you give a cat the space to come & go as it pleases, it will come to you when it feels like it. Usually when it starts to doubt that you really want it. Just like us ladies…
Of course, we had to ask you for your thoughts, and as usual, you were brilliant. Here’s a few of your additions to our theory…
Nicky - Cats have mood swings like women. One minute they are purring for attention then they bite and scratch you for daring to touch them!
Helen - Once trained, your dog will do anything for you at the promise of a treat!
Sienna - Perfect example of your discussion .. Dogs ( male ) just pee anywhere, they really don't care .. Cats ( female ) are discreet when they go to the toilet..
Paige - Guys are dogs because they don't know how to behave and girls are cats because there elegant and make sensible choices.
And we’ll give the final word to Jennie - Dogs are like men cause when they pass wind everyone knows it :-)
We also had the brilliant Warwick Davis on the show this morning too – to find out about his new smart phone App & the new series of An Idiot Abroad – have a listen here
Finally – JK is very naughty. He took the CCTV footage of me trying, and failing to park in the Heart HQ car park yesterday morning and made a video of it. If you fancy a laugh at my expense, check it out here
We’ll be back tomorrow morning from 6 – make sure you listen in!!
L xxx