Lucy's Blog - Friday 30th November

It’s the weekend! Hurrah/amazeballs/brilliant/thank goodness etc etc…

How are you today? It’s FREEZING!! My car temperature this morning was -2! It was a motoring milestone for me this morning though. It was the first time I had to scrape the ice off my windscreen. Sadly, I lost my scraper when I totalled the other car last month, so I used a DVD case instead! It was ‘Blade’. Great movie that.
On todays show, we talked about Family Photo Christmas Cards… You know, the roaring fire, Christmas jumpers, empty boxes wrapped as Christmas presents, and MASSIVELY CHEESEY GRINS. Is it acceptable to send a Christmas Card with the annual family photo on the front? You can check it out & have your say here! - here’s some of your thoughts on the subject….
Leanne: Love it, british twist on American cheese
Shelley: We live overseas and lots of friends from all over the world do this sort of card - its a lovely way to 'see' the family in a current photo x
Rosemary: Ha ha you should have a best caption contest!!
Sophie: I love it! I wonder if my husband would let me do this............
So – tomorrow is the 1st December, which means only 1 thing…’s the official start of SLEEPS TILL SANTA!! Yaaaaaay.
This year, it’s bigger and better than ever. We’ve got the Prague Royal Philharmonic Orchestra involved, and the conductor is the guy behind the James Bond movie music!! How amazing is THAT? You can hear the first Sleeps Till Santa tomorrow morning at 8.30!
Just so you know, on Sundays Sleeps Till Santa will be played at 9.30, and at 7.30 & 8.30am weekdays. Thought that might be helpful if your kids are all excited!
We’re back tomorrow morning from 6 – see you then lovelies!
Lucy xx