Lucy's Blog - Friday 7th December

Yaaaaay, it’s Friday!! Last night, I had the pleasure of helping to switch on the Bishops Waltham Christmas Lights

It was so lovely to be asked! The Christmas Fayre was lovely, there were fairground rides for the kids, and the Bishops Waltham Infant & Junior Schools sang Christmas Carols BEAUTIFULLY. The heady smell of Mulled Wine filled the air, and Santa Claus made an appearance on the BEST SLEIGH EVER. It really was magical!
On today's show, we talked about THE most boring Christmas list EVER. It came courtesy of Aussie Nige’s Father In Law, affectionately known as Cappy. We revealed that 2 of the items on the list were White T-Shirts (nice ones) & a Bedside Alarm Clock. We asked you to guess the other items on the list – here’s some of your guesses…
Katie – A Bath Sponge
Laura – Hankies
Helen – A Stamp Album? It’s what my boring Dad wants!
These were great guesses, so thank you, but – they were all wrong! For the full ‘Most Boring Christmas List EVER’ – head here…

1:Blood Pressure Monitor

2:Haynes Owners Workshop Manual – VW Passat

3:Hairy ear and nose trimmer.

4: Rechargeable torch.

5:Top Gun DVD & Yoga DVD:

6:Bedside Clock

7:White T shirts. (Nice ones).

We also got the latest update on JK’s Parking saga. He dropped off the letter you helped us craft yesterday to number 38. This is after he found a rude note attached to his car telling him not to park his car where he does. However, JK saw another note attached to a car on the other side of the road yesterday. Same handwriting, same note. He now thinks number 41 could potentially be the culprit! We will keep you up to date on the ever unravelling parking saga on Monday!
We’re back for Saturday breakfast tomorrow morning, see you from 6!
Lucy xxx