Lucy's Blog - Monday 10th December

Happy Monday peeps! How was your weekend? I went out for the first time in a month on Saturday with all my old work mates, and it was BRILLIANT! We were all dressed up in our finery, for dinner, drinks and merriment, then finished the weekend off in style with a big fry up the following morning. Hope you had an equally lovely time.

JK & Nige continued their bromance & went for a romantic trip to the Winchester Christmas Market. They shared Chocolate Orange Fudge, and gazed lovingly into each others eyes over opposite ends of a juicy Bratwurst. Ahhh. Check out the photos here!
Speaking of all things festive, the lads announced that they had a surprise for me on this mornings show. Funnily enough, I’m rather sceptical of all things ‘surprising’, but actually this is BRILLIANT. It involves making something fun, festive & yummy. Also, it’s something that all the family can get involved in, so if you have kids, they’ll love it too! I’m going to make it live on the show tomorrow. Yay.
And finally, JK isn’t the most observant person I know, however he has impressed me this morning. He noticed, on last nights X Factor final, that Rihanna ISN’T PERFECT!! I know, shocking right? She’s amazing, how could she not be perfect? Find out exactly what JK’s on about right here!
This is what you made of eagle eyed JK’s observation…
Sally: I'm sure my hubby didn't spot that whilst eyeing her up lol
Kerry: I saw this last night! Hilarious!
Sharon: To be fair to Rihanna, the last time she was on Xfactor she was singing through gallons of water and finished with her hair caked to her face!
Have a fabulous Monday, see you tomorrow from 6am!
Lucy xxx