Lucy's Blog - Monday 17th December

Good morning you! How was your weekend? Are you all ready for Christmas now? I’m STILL not! I went home to my Mums this weekend & helped put up the family Christmas Tree though. She’s a beauty! My sister & I were rather proud of our efforts, so we treated ourselves to a Chinese for all the hard work!

We also popped to a well known department store to get some Christmas bits and bobs, and look who we stumbled across while we were there! It’s only the John Lewis Snowman! No sign of his wife though. Maybe he was getting her some slippers to match the hat & gloves? 

Lucy's Mums Xmas Tree
On todays show, we did a Public Service Announcement. According to JK, this was because he wanted to help you! We asked, what day are you doing your big Christmas shop on? Here are a couple of your answers:

Who's doing the big Xmas Shop when...

The most popular day according to our official Heart family survey was Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday were a close second. So according to the research Friday is the quietest day, JK has decided that is the day for him as well but no one is aloud to copy him! (I think this might just have been a shameless attempt by JK to avoid the crowds, sorry)
Something else we talked about were my Edible Elves! Last week we made Edible Santas out of Strawberries & Cream, this week it’s Elves made from Raspberries & lots of other yummy stuff! They’re really fun to make, especially if you want to give the kids something to do, so have a look at the pics & step by step guide online…
Let me know if you make them & how they turn out, or if you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them too!

xx Lucy