Lucy's Blog - Monday 19th November

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I actually had a quiet one for once. It was lovely, however I realised I am Bridget Jones in waiting.

Yesterday morning, I found myself wondering ‘why am I single?’ as I stood, in my dressing gown, eating leftover Chicken Balls out of the Fridge with my bare hands. Yes, really. I’m not quite at the big pants stage, and I prefer Pinot Grigio to Chardonnay, but still….. Worrying.
That said, I’m not entirely sure I want a man at the moment anyway. I quite like my own company, it’s less complicated. I miss spooning though.
Yesterday I got all festive & went to get Christmas Cards. Why is it when you go to buy just 1 specific thing, you come home with half the shop? I managed to also leave with a £20 Christmas decoration (utterly ridiculous I know), and a National Trust Advent Calendar. I’ll post a pic of the decoration tomorrow, maybe you can tell me if you think it’s worth it or a complete festive rip off! It IS very pretty.
As I was feeling festive, I spent yesterday afternoon baking Mince Pies. I am very pleased with the results too! I put a lot of love into my baking, and these little babies are entirely made from scratch. Well, I didn’t grow the fruit, but you get what I mean… I’ll write down the recipe tonight if you want to try & make them too!

Lucy's Xmas Mince Pies
On todays show we talked about your most expensive mistake. I’ve made a few in my time, most recently writing off my car and also scraping my new one against Aussie Niges. Yeah, good one. Ooops. JK’s most recent one was on Saturday night. He booked tickets to Wicked in the West End for his girlfriends birthday. He turned up on Saturday night only to be told….he’d booked them for the previous night. EPIC FAIL. You had some absolute BELTERS! Here’s a small selection…
Isobel - My 2 year old daughter was playing with my iPhone. Later that day I had a confirmation email from Groupon- " here is your voucher for your holiday to Venice" £300 has been debited from your account!
Eric - A successful day in the office so I offered to buy a bottle of champagne after already having had a few drinks. Champagne cost £60. Next day, checked my credit card, I had added an extra 0 on the credit card/PIN - £600!!! Wasn't a happy chappy.
JK also shared his 'Best Story Ever' He told us about something that happened to him at the airport the other week just before he flew to Barbados on holiday. He went to check in (flying Economy, as you do), only to be told by a VERY apologetic check in lady that he couldn’t fly First Class. Perplexed, he told her he didn’t have any idea what she meant. At this moment, 2 very senior looking members of staff appeared & proceeded to ask ‘are you friends of Richard?’ As in, RICHARD BRANSON. Yep, they’d mistakenly added JK & his GF to the ‘friends & family’ section of the flight. Better still, they were going to fly them to Necker Island. Bransons own personal island. Unbelieveably, rather than blagging it and saying he knew Richard, JK told the truth!! Ahhh, what could’ve been eh?

However, when we asked you if you would blag it or tell the truth, a wooping 56% of you said you would try and blag it!

Anyway, I’ll stop prattling on now, as I’m sure I’ve taken more than enough of your precious time! We’ll be back from 6 tomorrow morning, see you then!
Lucy aka ‘Bridget’ xxx