Lucy's Blog - Monday 1st October

Hello! Welcome to a brand new week! How was your weekend? After work on Saturday morning, I popped into London to see my Mum & little Sister. We had the best day ever. Shopping, gossiping & eating lots of cake pretty much summed up our day. Every now & then, girly time is essential!


On Sunday, I had a Roast dinner with my lovely neighbours, and I provided dessert. Adorned with hundreds & thousands, sugar butterflies & gold shimmer spray, my Raspberry Trifle (laced with lashings of Sherry), went down a treat! I nearly had to be rolled out of their house. Piggies. I proved a point though. Trifle is for life, not just for Christmas. Drop me an email if you want the recipe!
On today's show….
We found out about your stories of Childhood Rebellion – this is after Producer James told us that he went to see There’s Something About Mary as a kid despite his mum telling him not to! Jase told us that he fell off his Grandad’s rope ladder tied to a tree after messing with the knot, when he was told not to! He bruised his Coccyx, his Grandad told him he was disappointed & he didn’t get to eat any Werthers Original that day…lesson learned.
Sania in Portsmouth won a years pass to Merlin Attractions – which includes Alton Towers, Madame Tussauds & Legoland – and you can go as many times as like! Amazing. Your chance to get one for yourself tomorrow morning around 7.30!
Elaine won herself the first pair of tickets to see Olly Murs at Love Music Live next Friday! We’ve got more available tomorrow – there’s one question standing in the way of you & Mr Murs!
We discovered something to make you smile on a wet & miserable Monday….involving a Gorilla & a Caterpillar! It’ll put a big soppy grin on your face – check it out at
And – todays guest on the A-Z Of Showbiz, representing the letter ‘P’, was Arlene Phillips! She’d just returned from a wild party at Andrew Lloyd Webbers gaff in Barbados. How very showbiz. Also – she got extra brownie points when she said that if we saw her out in a restaurant, not only could we have a photo & an autograph, but share a glass of Champagne. Fabulous.
On tomorrows show…
More chances to win  -
An annual pass to Merlin Attractions, including Alton Towers, Madame Tussauds & Legoland!
More tickets to see Olly Murs at Hearts Exclusive Love Music Live!
Plus – who will represent the letter ‘Q’ on the A-Z Of Showbiz?
Find out tomorrow morning from 6!