Lucy's Blog - Monday 26th November

Good morning! Welcome to Miserable Monday….just HOW horrible is it outside?!

How was your weekend? I did pretty much….NOTHING. It was brilliant. Sometimes it’s lovely to just curl up on the sofa in your dressing gown with a bottle of wine & a family sized bar of Dairy Milk. This wasn’t just ANY bar of Dairy Milk though. It was the Oreo one. Absolutely AMAZING!! Needless to say, I ate the lot.
Yesterday I went round to my lovely neighbours for a Roast dinner, followed by LOTS of Cheese & Biscuits. And more Chocolate. Hey, we all need to work on our extra winter layer right? Plus – weekends are for eating, fact.
On todays show, we had a dilemma. Aussie Nige’s Visa is up at the end of the year, so he has to take a UK Citizenship test to stay here. The problem is, he needs a minimum of 75% to pass. As we all know, Aussie Nige isn’t the sharpest tool in the box, and so far, on the App he’s downloaded on his phone, he’s only managed to get 58% on the test! So, of course, we just had to ask you – What question would YOU ask Aussie Nige on the test? Here’s a small selection of the ones you sent in…
Jemma - What are the names of the queens children and do you know the order from eldest to youngest?!
Debbie - what sandwiches are traditionally had at afternoon tea? Good luck :)
Georgia, Christchurch - How many wives did Henry 8th have and what happened to each of them?
Sienna’s was my personal favourite - Does it rain a lot in England ? Answer .. HELL YES =?
We’re going to continue this on tomorrows show, so if you have a question for Nige, drop us a text – 82122, start your message with SOUTH.
Also – JK got over excited when he discovered something MASSIVELY festive in TK Maxx this weekend. An 8ft Reindeer. Yep. Yours for the princely sum of £200! Seriously, why would ANYONE want that? Or maybe you like it? Let us know your thoughts at here
We’re back tomorrow from 6, see you then!!
L xxx