Lucy's Blog - Monday 3rd December

Gooooood morning! How was your weekend? I spent Saturday & Sunday getting festive! On Saturday evening I made my way to Christchurch where I hosted the light switch on alongside the lovely Warren Hayden, Father Christmas, the Mayor, & the stars of Bournemouths pantomime!

The legendary Su Pollard stars in Sleeping Beauty this year, alongside Chris Jarvis & Asa Elliot. I was actually super excited at the prospect of meeting actual real life Penny Crayon!! She was brilliant, like a mad Aunt!

Lucy and Sue Pollard
The light switch on itself was beautiful, and Father Christmas & his Reindeer made an appearance, walking down the middle of the high street, before the Big Man himself took to the balcony to turn on the lights! I took a few photos of everyone there, you can see them online in our gallery. See if you can spot yourself!
On todays show, we got all festive! We asked you if you’ve put up your Christmas Tree yet. I put mine up yesterday, unbelievably I managed to get a 5ft Tree into my Mini. Skills.
Aussie Nige had a dilemma with his Tree though. He’ll be away for 10 days over Christmas so told his wife he didn’t think they should have a Tree. As you’ll know, he’s ruled by his Wife, and what Princess wants, Princess gets. So – they got a Tree. He likes an easy life bless him.
JK reckons his Tree is better than both of ours though. We’ll have a battle of the trees on tomorrows show. You’ve also been sending yours in to us too, and they look INCREDIBLE. Some of you even have more than one…like Ellie.
‘We have 6 Christmas trees in our house: 2 outside, 1 in the lounge, 2 small ones in the bedrooms and 1 in the lounge!!’
We also opened door number 3 on our Christmas Etiquette Advent Calendar. The wonderful William Hanson is dishing out his tips on how to deal with everything from Carol singers to table manners over the next few weeks. He’s very posh by the way. He even irons his Napkins. Amazing. if you missed it have a listen below:

William Hanson Xmas Etiquette Tip 1