Lucy's Blog - Thursday 12th December

Good morning! How are you today? I can’t believe there’s only 12 more sleeps to Christmas! So excited now, although I had a Bah Humbug moment yesterday.

Is anyone else suddenly getting loads of household bills as well as having to pay for Christmas at the moment? Grrr. I know we have to pay them, but still, it’s annoying! Anyway, I’m over it. My bank balance isn’t, but who cares – it’s nearly CHRISTMAAAASSSS!!
On todays show, we asked you – at this time of year, do you include this or not? JK & Aussie Nige always include this, but I don’t, as I tend to forget! We then asked you to guess what the hell we were talking about! Here’s some of your guesses…
Sean – Steal the Chocolates from the back of the Christmas Tree?
Julia - Leave the bag of giblets in the turkey when you cook it!
Janet – Is it whether you do or don’t put ‘love from’ and/or kisses on a Christmas card?
The answer was – Include batteries in a present that requires them! I shall now remember to do this every time!

JK also decided to have a grumpy old man rant today too. He got angry (a rare thing,I know..) in a fast food restaurant the other day. But what got him so riled?
Beth - Is it when they miss something off your order or the new touch screens u have 2 use yourself to order?
Kayleigh - Gherkins in the burgers, just wrong!
Hollie - Is it that the majority of fast food restaurants are not fast food?? And you have to wait for your order!! Grrrr...
Lewis - When they don't fill up the chips enough! And you only get half the amount you should! Makes me sick! Lewis from Southampton
Abbie - Whenever you order beans you never get a spoon!!
The answer was – ‘Would you like to go large/have fries with that/have a drink?’
Nige & myself think he needs to get over it. Lets be honest, it’s just a polite question. Think I’m gonna get him an Anger Management lesson for Christmas!
Speaking of small people, it was the red carpet premiere of the new Hobbit movie in London last night – you can check out all the goss & pics here, plus check out our attempts at becoming Hobbits here and let us know who looks the best!
See you tomorrow from 6!
Lucy xxx