Lucy's Blog - Thursday 15th November

It’s Thursday, hurrah!!! So, after the show yesterday, I had an EPIC FAIL. More on that later…. I also decided to take a drive somewhere lovely. I just got in the car, no maps or Sat-Nav, and explored! I ended up taking a lovely drive along the A32 & went to Jane Austen’s house in Chawton. Then I drove back, obvs.

Speaking of driving….I scraped Aussie Niges car yesterday, EPIC FAIL!! I was reversing out of the Heart car park, and managed to catch the side of his car, leaving a lovely streak of Matilda Minis Yellow paint. Ooops. Yes – it’s my 2nd car mishap in 10 days, and I only passed my test a month ago. Surely it can only get better now?!! Thanks to everyone for your commentson our Facebook page: 

Lorraine Sarah Aldred Oh dear Lucy!! Sorry you've made me laugh! I've been driving since I was 17 and never had an accident yet in 25 years!! Bless ya! X x
Rosemary Miles Probably Nigels fault for not parking properly, iam always moaning at my husband for pulling into a space and not straightening up. Can guarantee all the wonky cars in a carpark belong to a man!!

Lorraine Allard Car cleaning duties for a month....after rubbing down, 't' cutting etc, after baking chocolate cakes and goodies for you while you are supervising!!! LOL

I baked him a Chocolate Torte as an apologetic gesture…sorry Nige!!

Lucy's Chocolate Torte

Also on todays show, JK’s decided that I’ve gone mad. Rather than just rely on his theory, we asked YOU – Mad or Genius? JK’s evidence was this – I have more than 3 Cats, got into the shower this morning in my pants (this really did happen), and when storing pre-cooked food, I put the meals in unlabelled foil trays so when they’re eventually reheated, I get a surprise!

Lucys freeze full of homemade meals
Thankfully, you guys were on my side, and 68% of you think I’m a genius. Your cheques are in the post yeah? Ha.
Finally – JK is officially less manly. He watched 2 films on a recent flight, one of them was proper boy flick TED. The other was Katy Perrys documentary ‘Part Of Me’. Guess which one JK preferred? He’s ordering a Candy cane bra & Katy’s entire back catalogue of songs right now….
We’ll be back tomorrow morning from 6…
L xxx