Lucy's Blog - Thursday 18th October

We’re finally at Thursday & we’re all excited because tonight it’s the Dorset Hall Of Fame . We’re hosting it, and we’ll be recognising the great & good that Dorset people have done. As it’s a glitzy do, it means I get to dress up (yay) & JK has to wear a suit, which will make him look like a Penguin. (double yay)

On todays show then, we asked you - How do you avoid putting the heating on? Your suggestions included ‘cuddling on the sofa’, using electric blankets, and Deans suggestions of Adapting your sleeping bag by cutting holes in the bottom to put your feet through, so you can still walk….. Funnily enough, most of the suggestions came from the male species (stinge bags), and we even have photographic evidence of what JK does to avoid putting his heating on!

Also go to our Facebook page if you want to see something UTTERLY ridiculous – JK & Aussie Nige are sharing a room tonight following the Dorset Hall Of Fame bash, so Aussie Nige has drawn up a very serious, legally binding contract to ensure tonights co-habitation goes without any trouble. It’s stamped by the Supreme Court of Queensland and everything. Check it out & let us know what you think OTT or OK?.

I’m with JK on this & thinks Nige is being really harsh. Luke agrees – and his theory is that Nige is just jealous of JK & wants his body…ewwww.

Have a fab day you!

Lucy xxx