Lucy's Blog - Thursday 1st November

Yay – it’s Thursday! Hurrah. How was your Halloween? Did you brave the rain & thunderstorms and go Trick or Treating? I didn’t. I made a mean Chilli though, before going to bed, Lemsip in hand, dressing gown on. Has anyone else got this horrible cold doing the rounds? It just won’t go away. Bit like that pesky JK…

On todays show - We asked you – what have you blagged for free? This is after Dan Mills told us that, on a Saturday, he waltzes into an art gallery, pretends to be interested in buying a piece, and then gets free Champagne. The scallywag!! 

Your examples of blagging included… 

  • Mikhala - had to pay £50 for parking but got to the barrier and blagged to the nice man whilst using my feminine charm to let me out and he did x 
  • Steph – Got free Fence panels when she loudly complained in store about being given the wrong ones 

And it seems Halloween went without a hitch for most of us…apart from Lesley of Lordswood. She ignored the frantic knocking at her door & the ringing of the bell, thinking it was Trick or Treater’s….when in actual fact it was her soaking wet, bedraggled daughter who’d forgotten her keys! Oooops. 

You HAVE to listen tomorrow. Firstly, because you always do of course. Secondly because we’re chatting to the legendary Fred Dineage. And thirdly – we’ve got superstar & all round good egg Robbie Williams on the show! Amazing. 

Speaking of Eggs, you’ll also find out why they’re scrambling our brains at the moment. It would seem that there’s some Ouef poaching our breakfast here in the Heart South Coast building….this is no Yolk. Ok. I’ll stop. 

See you tomorrow! Lucy xxx