Lucy's Blog - Thursday 20th December

Happy Thursday to you! Just 5 more sleeps to go!! Yaaaaaaay! Are you all set for the big day? I’m still nowhere near done! I’m moving house on Saturday so my entire life is currently being packed away in boxes, nearly taped a Cat in a box yesterday. Oooops.

On todays show, we talked about the possibility of Aussie Nige leaving the country. He’s got his UK citizenship test at 1.30pm this afternoon. He HAS to get at least 75% to pass & stay on these fair shores. We decided to ask, one last time for your assistance on this.  
Hannah had a good question – ‘How do you make a Trifle?’ Hey, you never know, that one could come up!
Pete - How long have you got to live in uk, before you can take uk driving test? Good luck Nigel. J
Glyn was more serious with his line of questioning –
What is second largest naturalized harbour in the world?
The answer, in case you were wondering, is Poole!
Good luck Nige, we know you’ll smash it!!
We also had a visit from the lovely ladies Annette & Rachel at the Morello Bakery this morning. They baked me a birthday cake back in October, so as a thank you, I baked my festive Turkish Delight Brownies! They came bearing gifts for us too, which was very lovely of them. There was even a present for my Cats! Check out what they got for us! Thanks!

JK & Lucy xmas gifts
We’re back tomorrow morning (our last week day breakfast show, sad face!), see you bright & early from 6!
Lucy xxx