Lucy's Blog - Thursday 29th November (done by Aussie Nige)

Hello Aussie Nigel here, it's nearly the weekend. Lucy called in sick this morning and JK thinks she's got morning sickness! (She isn't by the way!)

Last night I had the pleasure of hosting the Cosham xmas lights switch on, if you were there check out the photos here! Also a friend of the show Owen dropped off a gift for JK.... A JK size reindeer decoration rather than the 8ft one he had been looking at!

Yesterday, JK's latest  greatest discovery was newsreader Katie's step mum is quite fit…embarrassing we know!
So we were asking you, what has been your latest greatest discovery?

Helen - My latest discovery is the brilliant game Hill Climb on my iPhone, it's so simple but addictive.
Melissa – I discovered that I can't follow sat navs.
Steve – I discovered you can buy a folding snow shovel.

We’re back tomorrow from 6, with more of your advice for Aussie Nige & his UK Citizenship test and you could win tickets to see Lemar. Also find out if Lucy makes it into work tomorrow.