Lucy's Blog - Thursday 4th October

We’ve made it to Thursday, nearly the weekend eh? So on todays show - We poo-poohed the Theory that Red cars are the colour affected most by birds popping their droppings. In a survey…conducted in our car park – we discovered that here on the South Coast, seagulls prefer the colour BLACK! Apparently it’s because they think reflection of the roof from the sky looks like a puddle.

We’ve given an Annual pass for Merlin Attractions to Alison – who’s more excited about the fact she can send the kids off to the likes of Alton Towers & Legoland & have a day to herself than she is about actually going!

Janine was very happy when she won tickets to see Olly Murs at Hearts Love Music Live – you can win some tomorrow too, so don’t panic if you haven’t managed it yet!

With the news that tomorrow morning we get to play you Adele’s James Bond theme ‘Skyfall’ – JK decided to have a nosy around on the internet to see if he could find a clip so we could get ahead of everyone else. We found one…well that’s what he says – have a listen to this (& then tell me it doesn’t sound distinctly like JK & Aussie Nige pretending to be Adele). Jokers.

It was a nightmare on the M27 today, both sides of the carriageway were like a car park with various accidents & breakdowns, so we dedicated the Time Tunnel to everyone stuck in it! Personally, I think Ashford & Simpson ‘Solid’ was a very apt song!

On the A-Z Of Showbiz, JK’s dream came true when we had Michaela Strachan on the show representing the letter ‘S’ – did you have a crush on her too? Join us tomorrow for the letter ‘T’!

Have a fab Thursday you!

 Lucy xxx