Lucy's Blog - Thursday 6th December

Goodness, how did we get to Thursday already?

Goodness, how did we get to Thursday already?
On todays show, we found out that JK cheated in the Battle of the Christmas Trees. You’ll remember, he won the show battle yesterday with his beautiful looking tree. However, his girlfriend text a photo of JK decorating the tree this morning…and it was a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ONE!! He’s a cheat! Turns out JK found his original tree on GOOGLE. Tut tut. He won’t be getting anything from Father Christmas this year with behaviour like that. Here’s what you had to say on his cheating ways….
Danielle: Bit gutted i took the time to vote now JK but in all fairness this tree is still pretty cute. I suppose its this small so you could reach to put the star on the top yeah?!
Donna:Can't say I'm surprised jk lol at least ur real tree more suited to ur stature hehehe xxx
Melissa: Jk, you my love are entitled to nothing but a lump of coal for Christmas!!!!! Cheating little sneak!!!!!! So very disappointed in you. X x x
Uh-oh. Melissa used the ‘D’ word. Disappointed. Very naughty JK.
Again following on from yesterdays show, we recruited you to help us in crafting a response letter to JK’s rude neighbour. JK parks his car on a hill down the road from where lives, as he only has 1 allocated car parking space at his flat. The roads have no restrictions, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Only, for one grumpy old so and so, it is. JK found a note telling him not to park there yesterday attached to his car. Your response was incredible. Check out the letter he’s going to post through number 38’s letterbox today….and the saga so far!
And finally – Aussie Nige felt so bad about the Australian radio show hosts doing a prank call to the hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge is currently resting, that he took it upon himself to call the Australian Prime Minister, and try to get an apology on behalf of the country. Find out how that went here:

Aussie Nige calls Australia for an apology Part 1

Aussie Nige calls Australia for an apology Part 2