Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 11th December

It’s Tuesday…everyone always says nothing happens on a Tuesday – well, not today!!

We’ve come up with something fun & yummy on this Tuesday – Hearts Edible Santas! It’s essentially Strawberries & Cream, made to look like Santa. Brilliant fun, whether you’re old, young, or somewhere in-between! If you’d like to make these cute little nibbles (believe me, you will), check out the recipe, photos & simple method right here!
On this mornings show we also asked what’s ‘thrown’ you this morning? This was after JK had to park his car the wrong way round due to someone stealing his space last night. It totally threw him out of his usual routine! You came up with some brilliant suggestions of your own, as always! Here’s a selection of the best….

  • Jemma - The fact i had to leave for work at 6am rather than 7:30! But it meant i got to listen to you guys from the start!
  • Adie - Got some milk last night for breakfast and got up and it was still on the dinning room table all warm !!!
  • Moya - I squirted make up down th front of my clean top. I then had to search for a clean one in the dark as my partner was still asleep. Great show guys.

Finally – when JK & Aussie Nige went to the Winchester Christmas Market on Saturday, they spotted what they’re calling the BEST CHRISTMAS JUMPER EVER! Check it out here and let us know your thoughts on Festive Knits in general. A survey out today says that a third of us find them attractive and sexy – what do you think?
We’re back tomorrow morning from 6 – see you then!
Lucy xxx