Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 13th November

Good morning! How are you today? After work yesterday I went on a mission. A mission to find DRY LOGS. For my fire, obviously. Wherever I went, they all seemed to be stored outside & were soaking wet. This really annoyed me. Well it did until I realised I was getting angry over WOOD.

I got them eventually, then set upon making my house feel all Christmassy. Fire sorted, I lit my Spiced Apple candle and then got to work on my first batch of Mincemeat for this years Mince Pies. I would share the recipe, but I don’t have one. I just chuck everything in a bowl, add lots of Brandy & fresh Raspberries, then leave it in the fridge for days on end. It doesn’t look very appealing at the moment, but it’ll taste ace enveloped in pastry! Anyway, I’m 33 not 83, so I’ll stop blabbering on like a Granny…
So, on todays show….
We’ve learnt that Aussie Nige really is as silly as he sounds….he caused himself a VERY embarrassing injury when he injured his back playing Volleyball on Kinect with his 10 year old cousin….
Your examples of embarrassing injuries included being shot in the bottom with an air rifle, quite a few of you managed to get trampoline based injuries, by behaving like children when you were fully grown adults…and Rachel damaged her eye by blowing up a rocket balloon at an office party….
Speaking of Office parties, a new study has revealed the top 10 characters that you’ll find at them…
We’ve discovered that Nige is the bad dancer who does the funky chicken to EVERY song, I’m the Dark Horse who suddenly comes alive once there’s a party involved, and JK….well, he always peaks too soon. Other examples include the Limpet, the Weeper, the Blabbermouth & the Flirt…
We’re back tomorrow from 6 – you can go to the Victorian Festival of Christmas at the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, and we’ll also send you to see Human League at the BIC. Fancy.
See you then!
L xxx