Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 18th December

How’s your Tuesday shaping up? I’m ridiculously over excited as there’s only….. 7 MORE SLEEPS TILL SANTA!!

On todays show we talked about the Office Christmas Party. More specifically, the urban myth surrounding them. Does anyone ever actually get disciplined or let go following their ‘behaviour’ at the Office party?
We all thought that it never happened. However, we were wrong….you came up with some corkers! Stories involving someone telling the MD what they really thought, HR getting involved, and yes, we even had a ‘photocopying of bottom’ moment, so our theory was blown out of the water! I also loved this contribution from Jo –
‘We had our Xmas party and got asked to leave a restaurant for dancing on the tables and sighing very loudly. I was sober as I was pregnant and it was very embarrassing!’
Of course we don’t condone your behaviour and would NEVER misbehave at office parties…ever….honest.
We’ve also been having Festive Facebook Fun! There’s 2 photos on there that we’d love you to take a look at, and ‘like’ if you like them! One involves the Ultimate Christmas Decoration and the other….well have a look in the Christmas Tree & see if there’s something there that really shouldn’t be! Put it this way, I TOTALLY get this one! Head here to check them out…
Finally – if you fancy winning £500 to spend in Ikea Southampton, make sure you’re listening in tomorrow morning from 6! We’ll also have the lovely Welsh Warbler Katherine Jenkins on the show!
See you then!
Lucy xxx