Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 20th November

Ahhh it’s that ‘nothing’ day – welcome to Tuesday! How was the rest of your Monday then? I got back to my pre-Christmas baking yesterday, I’m trying out various recipes at the moment as I’m in charge of desserts for our big family Christmas this year.

So, I got cracking with my prototype Salted Caramel Yule Log! It’s actually my first EVER Yule Log, so the pressure was on. Thankfully it turned out perfectly, phew. If you want the recipe, it’s in the Christmas edition of Delicious magazine, but I’ll also pop it on here at some point this week….
Lucy's Salted Caramel Yule Log
On todays show, we talked about the jobs your in-laws give you whenever you go round to theirs. Picture the scene, you turn up for Sunday lunch, and before you know it, you’re being pulled left, right & centre doing bits & bobs around the house. Take JK for example, he recently popped round to his GF’s parents & ended up making a dressing table, before fixing a TV bracket! As always, we wanted your stories….
Vicky - My mum in law texted me from Budapest, (on holiday) asking me to google an exhibition that was taking place in the museum next to her hotel! She wanted to know if it was any good! love her to bits!
Emma - Always get roped into picking or dropping my father inlaw to work even tho he has a free bus pass!
Matt - I had to fit light fittings while the father in law made comments like ‘Oooh I’ll get the candles out or, I could have done 4 in the time u did 1’! I just had to smile and laugh.
Something else we chatted to you about was this – How do you know when to kiss someone? It’s that awkward moment isn’t it? Inside, you’re desperate to plant a smacker but scared, while on the outside you’re trying to act confident without making an idiot of yourself! If, like me, you’re completely rubbish at knowing whether someone wants to kiss you or not, take heed of the following advice…..
Mikki said - A girl will bite her lip or bring any attention to it men will look at the womens lips all the time giving the indication he wants to kiss them :)
This is from Anna - It goes quiet, there’s a smile, eye contact and it’s that kiss!!
Both Mikki & Anna are bang on with their pre-kiss etiquette, and apparently guys will put their arms around you, and also play with your hands pre smooch! The moral of the story is – GET SNOGGING!
And finally, Ciaran sent in a suggestion for a Christmas present for me. It’s BRILLIANT. If you’re a fellow Cat lover, you like it too. Have a look right here
Have a fab day, see you tomorrow from 6!
Lucy xxx