Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 27th November

Good morning! It’s Tuesday. You know, the day where NOTHING happens. How was yesterday for you? I attempted to do some Christmas shopping. I say attempted, as I ended up buying MYSELF presents.

There’s a shop where I live called Country Attic which sells brilliant old things. I went in with the intention of buying a quirky gift for my brother & his wife….and came out with a battered old suitcase & some brilliant Milk bottles – look, aren’t they lovely? Perfect for flowers & candles! 

Lucy's Bottles
On this mornings show,

We chatted about your favourite Christmas present as a kid? This was after JK’s mate found a Cabbage Patch Kid doll in his loft when he was hunting for his Christmas decorations. Mine was a toss up between the Play-Doh Mop Top Hair Shop & the Sindy Super House. It had a roof terrace & everything!! Did you have one?
Here’s some of your favourites…
Claire: Tippy Tumbles doll, I loved her to bits
Carole: I had a sindy super house and I just bought my lil girl 1 off eBay as these flimsy things they have today are rubbish she loves it it's even got all the old furniture to b honest i love playing with it too lol
Pete: Lego , was my best Xmas presents. I started collecting from the age 7 now they are hand me downs to my sisters kids

Plus we continued in our quest to help Aussie Nige stay in the UK. He has to get 75% on a UK citizen test in order to remain on our fair shores…or he’ll get sent back to Ayers Rock or Ramsay Street. Or something. Again, you came up with some brilliant questions for our mock test, so thank you. Here’s a selection…
Shelly   - Name 5 British tea bags
Lorraine  - name the last 5 kings/queens of England
Jacky  -  Name the 7 dwarfs!

We also talked about that moment when you confirm if you’re in a relationship. Do we still say ‘will you be my boyfriend/girlfriend?’ like we did aged 12, in the school playground? Or do we do things differently now? Again, it was over to you to make that decision and share your thoughts….
Curtis - I met my beautiful Leanne and we asked each other out in Tesco car park eating a packet of Munchies…
Tim -  My boyfriend and I told each other we loved each other after 4 days so that's how it happened. We're now engaged and planning our civil union for next summer.
Alex - Me and my partner never talked about getting together, but 2 years after meeting we are flat hinting. Happy days. Everyone knows we are a couple though.
The most common answer involved social networking. Facebook in particular…
Clare – My boyfriend asked if he could change his relationship status on facebook from single to in a relationship….
We’re back tomorrow, with more of your UK citizenship questions for Aussie Nige….
See you from 6!
Lucy xxx